Luis Vega (1 Nov 2013)
"THE PENTECOST COUNTDOWN - to the ‘120’ Assembly Resurrection & Rapture?"


Sequential Pattern to the ‘120’ Assembly Resurrection & Rapture?
Prophetic Heavenly Signs and Configurations from 2011 - 2014

by Luis B. Vega
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Then they returned to Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is near Jerusalem, a Sabbath day's journey away. And when they had entered, they went up to the Upper Room, where they were staying... All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers. In those days Peter stood up among the brothers -the company of persons was in all about
120...’ – Acts 2:12-15

The purpose of this study, with online chart is to examine 3 consecutive years of Pentecost dates that appear to form a ‘Countdown’ pattern. Specifically, the years of 2011, 2012 and 2013, have Pentecost in the midst of a solar & lunar eclipse for 3 successive years in a row. What is peculiar is that a Pentecost occurring in-between a solar and lunar eclipse for 3 consecutive years has not occurred, at least since the turn of the century.

This study, with illustration asserts that this 3-Year Pentecost pattern could be the prophetic ‘Countdown’ sequence to the eventual conclusion of the Pentecost itself. This is in reference to the harvest of the Christian Church Age at the time of the Blessed Hope of the Resurrection and Rapture of the true Disciples of Jesus Christ. (For a study on these prior Pentecost occurrences, go here: 2011, 2012)

There are other frequent dates when 3 solar eclipses occur in consecutive years around Pentecost in May. There have been over 50 times that this has occurred since Christ -that a solar eclipse occurs in 3 consecutive years in the same month. It is assumed that most Pentecost feast days will fall in the month of May, the majority of the times.

Out of the 50 plus times since Christ, not all of these 3 solar eclipse series are paired up with a lunar eclipse and not all are conjoined with a Pentecost feast day as it is the case with the 3 consecutive ones for 2011, 2012 and 2013. For example, the nearest Pentecost to have occurred in-between 2 eclipses since 2011 were in 1994 & 2003 but they were singular, not in a 3-Year sequential order.

What is also very interesting is that from the 3rd or last of the Pentecost-Eclipse series of 2013 on May 19, 2013 to the subsequent Pentecost of June 8, 2014 is exactly 1 year and 20 days or a 120 mathematical variable. This numerical coefficient is the same as those that were gathered in the Upper Room as the HOLY SPIRIT descended on the 120 Disciples on the 1st Pentecost.
Thus another assertion of this study is that this 3-Year Pentecost-Eclipse countdown is strongly alluding to a fulfillment of the prophetic ‘Church of 120’ that are to be Resurrected & Raptured. This study is not declaring that Pentecost of June 8, 2014 will be ‘The Resurrection & Rapture.’ This study and illustration only asserts a probability that is prophetically significant based on the given astronomical pattern of having Pentecost in the midst of eclipses for 3 years in a row.

The 120 Called & Gathered
The 120 Disciples at that time of the 1st Pentecost, represented the whole Body of Christ, the True Church that were gathered at one place and at one time in the Upper Room. This echoes what will transpire at the Resurrection and Rapture when Christ will gather all this Disciples for glorification at one place at one time, in the air according to I Thessalonians 4:17 to be ushered in the celestial ‘Upper Room’ in Heaven.

If any time would be a good candidate for ‘Pentecost’ to be fulfilled, it is in these Last Days. Based on all that is occurring in the sun, moon, stars and with the perplexity of nations on Earth, such a ‘Countdown’ pattern based on Pentecost is not that far-fetched. Many even in the secular world are sensing a great transformation approaching on Earth itself and humanity as a whole.

Pentecost is about a ‘transformation’. It is about becoming what one was not before. It is a testimony of how the LORD transforms and empowers His People for service. This is possible because when people have a genuine encounter with the Living GOD YHWH, one becomes something that was not. This next stage of the Body of Christ that the Bible calls glorification will occur at the Resurrection and Rapture.

Another well-spoken theory that is very popular has to do with the interpretation of what ‘120 years’ actually is referring to when the LORD declared in Gen 6:3 that man’s days would be 120 years. Some Bible scholars have interpreted this to mean Jubilee Years of time. If this is the case, then 120 years would correspond to Jubilee cycles x 49 year intervals = 5,880 years.
There is still some debate about his and when the Jubilee will actually occur, some propose good arguments for 2017 while others believe it will be 2016 or when Jesus Christ actually returns at this 2nd Coming.

Nonetheless the 120 Jubilee theory would total the nearly 6000 years that Dispensationalist present is the entire Creation length, based on it corresponding to each day of Creation. This leaves the 7th and final Sabbatical day to be relegated to the Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth from Jerusalem. This 1000 years will commence at the end of the Battle of Armageddon with Christ’s 2nd Coming to fulfill Daniel’s 9:27 prophecy of the ‘Anointing of the King’ after all prophecy is completed by the Return of Christ Jesus.

This Pentecost-Eclipse theory suggests that the coming scenario for the Church of Jesus Christ will parallel the same conditions that led to the 1st Pentecost of the 1st Century when the HOLY SPIRIT came down to bestow ‘power from on high’. Could this Pentecost countdown thus signal the return of the HOLY SPIRIT, singularly to gather the Saints?

To reiterate, this 3-Year Pentecost ‘Countdown’ pattern could be the event that is calling and will gather the prophetic 120 to a singular place and time as it was with the 1st Pentecost. This numerical amount is representing all the churches throughout the Church ‘Pentecostal’ Age that are to be gathered by the Holy Spirit to be resurrected and Raptured –perhaps at a Pentecost Feast day or season. Of course the Resurrection & Rapture could occur at any time leading up to the 2014 Pentecost Feast day or soon thereafter.

The Pentecost Pattern
It is interesting that the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 are in mirrored order of the corresponding 3-Year Pentecost 3, 2, 1 Countdown in question.
The 1 of 2011, 2 of 2012, and 3 of 2013 of years mirrors the Countdown itself with, 201-1=3, 201-2=2, and 201-3=1 but in reversed order. The Table below shows the highlighted years of the 3-Year Countdown from 2011 - 2013. In no other years does Pentecost fall in-between a solar & lunar eclipse on 3 sequential years.


2007   May 27                       None

2008   May 11                       None

2009   May 31                       None

2010   May 23                       None

201 1   Jun 08* (3)                  YES

201 2   May 27 (2)                   YES

201 3   May 19 (1)                   YES

2014   Jun 08                        None

2015   May 24                       None

2016   May 15                       None

2017   Jun 04                        None

2018   May 20                       None

Some Observations
Another theory that this study postulates is that the pattern of 5-5-5 is denoted by the time distance between one Pentecost to the next with the 3-Year pattern. These date distances are solely taken from the Countdown itself starting with 2011 and concluding with Pentecost on 2014. The average time that interestingly comes out to is around 50 weeks. This numerical value is befitting of Pentecost itself as it is a factor of ‘penta’ or 5 in the Greek. This study seeks to show that indeed, such a numerical value of 5’s is associated with this 3-Year Pentecost pattern. The emphasis of a 5-5-5 speaks of a ‘resurrection’ of a transition and transformation. Here are some number correspondences:

1) The dates of Pentecost usually fall in either May or June of a given calendar year (western). From Pentecost to Pentecost, the weeks average around 50 days. A ‘deca’ or 5 from the Greek is where Pentecost is named after. it was on the 50th day from Passover that the Holy Spirit was given to the Church of Christ to seal, indwell and fill every Believer of the Body, or Church of Jesus Christ. 

2) This 50 week average can be extrapolated into a three sequence of numbers, that being the first number of each. This is the number 5, or a 5-5-5 pattern from these weeks in-between on Pentecost to the next. This is a significant number as it represents death, resurrection and transformation. At the Resurrection and Rapture of the Church, it will be a time when ‘corruption will put on incorruptibility’. In other words, the moral, sinful body of the ‘flesh’ will, at that point and time, receive the glorious resurrection body of light; as in a cocoon finally morphing into a beautiful butterfly sort of speak.

3) What is also unique about this Pentecost Pattern is that from the 3rd Pentecost-Eclipse of May 19, 2013 to the 4th count or the Pentecost date of Jun 8, 2014, is exactly 1 year an 20 days. Is this a mere coincidence that this Pentecost Feast day has a ‘120’ numerical value? This 120 coefficient thus directly correlates exactly to the number of those present at the 1st Pentecost in the Upper Room after the Resurrection of the LORD Jesus Christ.

4) From the 1st Pentecost in the 3-Year series of Jun 8, 2011 to the Pentecost of Jun 8, 2014 that has the ‘120’ numerical coefficient is exactly 3 years to the very day. What would be the odds of having this culmination of the series end in such a precise day count? And that the Jun 8, 2014 Pentecost would be associated numerically with a ‘120’ as it was wit the 1st Pentecost?

5) The 1st of the 3 sequential Pentecost years of 2011 –which begins the Countdown series is also tied to the Central Bull’s Eye Moon of Jun 15, 2011. The year 2011 not only starts this Pentecost-Eclipse 3 year ‘Countdown’ but it also has just over a 7-Year time countdown to the Central Blood Moon of July 27, 2018. Does this signify just how long Daniel’s 70th Week will be or perhaps signal the half-way point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period as some interpret Daniel’s 70 Weeks?

The Church Age of Pentecost
It is very interesting that recently the Vatican has been contesting for the exclusive rights to the Upper Room where Pentecost took place in Jerusalem. The Jews refer to this area as Mt. Zion where David’s Tomb is believed to be located in Old Jerusalem. It is also believed that King David was born and died on Pentecost. Is this a plan to somehow counterfeit a sort of false ‘pentecost’ at some point in time where the AntiChrist will be associated with this very same spot that the Pentecostal Age of the Church began to have his satanic powers somehow demonstrated as being ‘authenticated’ by ‘god’ from above? Is having King David, a type of Messiah then also to be used for such purposes of association that the AntiChrist will use to establish his royal bloodline to the Jews as their long awaited messiah? Nonetheless, what you have that is unique to Pentecost are some very prophetic associations to it; you have a link and/or a connection to:

1) No less than the Rapture of the LORD Jesus Himself 10 days prior to Pentecost.
2) A connection with the initiation to the dispensation of the Age of Law.

Perhaps these 2 assertions are strong indicators of how it will be played out once the Rapture takes place. According to some interpretations of End Times, when the Church, the Body of Christ is removed from the Earth, the Age of Grace, of ‘Pentecost’ will have ceased and the Law will be initiated once again, specifically as it relates to Daniel’s last prophetic Week. Or this 3-Year Pentecost Countdown pattern could be signaling the Feast in which the Law is once again introduced to national Israel at some point after the Rapture.

It could be the case that the 3rd Temple will be in place by 2015 even and in time for the Jews to restart the daily Mosaic & Levitical sacrificial rites – perhaps on a Pentecost Feast day as it  was observed at Mt. Sinai. This would be in commemoration of when the Law was delivered to Israel and enacted thereafter at Mt. Sinai so the acquisition of the Upper Room on Mt. Zion then becomes symbolically significant. So perhaps this 3-Year sequential Pentecost-Eclipse pattern is a countdown but in reverse order to how Pentecost is related to how the:

1) Law at Mt. Sinai was given first on Pentecost then
2) the Rapture of the LORD 10 days prior to Pentecost and then
3) the Dispensation of Pentecost ensued with the Church Age

This assertion of a ‘reversed order’ is another theory that this study presents of how the fulfillment of Pentecost could eventually play out in the Last Days. Realize that the Age of Grace or ‘Pentecost’ has been operative and will until the Resurrection and Rapture of the Church. If a ‘reversed’ order could also be at play by the end of this 3-Year Pentecost-Eclipse series, then 2014 will be the ‘year’ or at least see the beginning of this assertion. Again, this is only based on 3 consecutive Pentecost Feasts occurring in-between a solar and lunar eclipse; noted this has not occurred for over a 100 years at least, so if at all: 

1) The Dispensation of Grace ends that has been astronomically correlated to Pisces
2) The Rapture of the Church occurs, the Body of Christ or referred to Christ’s true Disciples
3) Israel reverts to the Law in conjunction to the 3rd Temple to complete Daniel’s 70th Week.

Regardless if this 3-Year Pentecost-Eclipse pattern is coincidental or an anomaly, it could be signaling such a possible prophetic event as to the Resurrection & Rapture. This is due to the other astronomical signs that have appears and will start to appear, mainly comet ISON and the coming Tetrad of 2014-2015. One thing is for sure, it does show just how close we are to the closing of the ‘Pentecostal Age’ of Grace that has lasting for almost 2000 years.

Prophetic Significance
Many believe that the Resurrection and Rapture will not or cannot be relegated to a Feast Day of the LORD, that being primarily Rosh HaShana. Many are convinced that Pentecost is the true season or date for the completion of what the LORD Himself stated was not complete in the Last Supper during Passover in the very setting of the Upper Room. Do realize that Pentecost is the ONLY Feast of the LORD where the Church, collectively and historically is called, gathered and empowered by the LORD Himself. Thus one can, with some confidence at least ascertain the notion that likewise the calling, gathering and glorification of the Bride of Christ will in like manner fall on this same timeframe and place, prophetically.

Christ did state at His last Passover with His Disciples that that Passover was to be consummated in the Kingdom when all His true Disciples would be gathered there in that celestial ‘Upper Room’ in Glory after comes for His Bride at the Resurrection & Rapture. It is thus significant that it is only in the ‘Upper Room’ that the Church, represented prophetically by the 120 can thus be ‘transformed’ as they were all there at that first Pentecost after the LORD’s resurrection. Perhaps it is only at a ‘Pentecost’ Feast, season or occasion that the LORD will gather His Church in like manner and initiates the Bride of Christ with the Blessed Hope.

What heavenly signs could accompany such an assertion? Well, the solar and lunar eclipses for one and the very prophecies of a double witness of the Pentecost. The Prophet Joel and Peter also spoke of how in the Last Days, the pouring of the HOLY SPIRIT upon all flesh would be accompanied by the signs in the Heavens with such events as eclipses, transits, etc. It is undeniable that the LORD is revealing much to His Church in these Last Days. This has to occur before the coming completion of Daniels’ prophetic 70th Week that has to do with ‘Daniel’s People’, the Jews. But the empowering of the Holy Spirit, as it was in the 1st Pentecost, is also being experienced now as it is emphasized in these Last Days to get the Bride ready.

This assertion in itself is another prophetic sign that the Age of Pentecost on Earth is fast approaching the conclusion to its purpose. This Age of Pentecost has been ministered through the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth and will cease to operate collectively, as it has been doing with the Church Body, when the Resurrection and Rapture occurs. The HOLY SPIRIT will still be very much active after the Rapture but it will revert to the state as it was during the Dispensation of the Law, as in the times when Israel was operating under the Law.

The Countdown
Is this 3-Year Pentecost-Eclipse series then a Heavenly Sign from the LORD foreshadowing what is to take place in the Church shortly? Will an up-coming Pentecost Feast day or season be the last Pentecost fulfilling what was started at Pentecost in the 1st century? Will this occasion then revert back to the condition in reversed order from the Old Testament prior to the Church Age that was characterized by a descent of the LORD, a Rapture, and a Dispensation of Law? Regardless of how it will play out, at some point the Age of Pentecost or the Church Age will come to a conclusion on Earth. If this consecutive Pentecost-Eclipse series is any indication, then it does appear that the LORD GOD of Israel is affirming that this Festival of Pentecost and is fast approaching its fulfillment and mission on Earth.

Thus, if the theories of this study that postulates that these 3 consecutive Pentecost-Eclipse events of 2011, 2012 and 2013 are prophetic then the ‘Countdown’ to 2014 of what Biblically is about to take place in the Body of Christ with respect to the Resurrection and Rapture of the Body of Christ could very well then be the closing of the Church Age. This Pentecost-Eclipse pattern is but a possible clue in the search for the prophetic puzzle of the End Times. Whether these 3 consecutive Pentecost-Eclipse configurations that occur on Jewish Festival dates are a coincidence or not, it is very interesting to contemplate its prophetic significance nonetheless.

Perhaps YHWH is signaling the soon fulfillment of this Pentecostal Moed or ‘appointed’ time. It is also interesting the Pentecost is not designated nor associated with the 2 other prime Feast of the LORD as pronounced by the coming Tetrad of 2014 and 2015. Pentecost was one of the 3 main LORD’s Feasts that Jewish men were required to go up to Jerusalem to assembly in holy convocation. As Pentecost had become synonymous with the Church, is the absence of the Pentecost Feast day in the upcoming Tetrad because the Church is not present on Earth during that time or won’t be soon thereafter? (For a study on the Missing Feast of the Tetrad, go here.)

The more one studies Pentecost as the possible season for the Resurrection & Rapture of the Church, the more it becomes apparent that this sequential 3-Year Pentecost-Eclipse pattern is very unique and does have some mathematical peculiarities that link it to End Time prophecies. Such configurations and alignments, made by a solar and lunar eclipse that encompass Pentecost directly for 3 unprecedented years of 2011, 2012, and 2013, never to be repeated, are unprecedented and prophetically very significant. We shall soon find out.


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