Paul H (1 Nov 2012)
"Hurricane Names Read Like a Message"

Dear John and Doves,
I think Hurricane names and the names of places of Earthquakes and the events themselves can be God's sign posts, warnings for us.
I think I've got this list of Hurricane names right, the list begins with Isaac the first of the season to make land fall. I believe it had prophetic significance, as I believe the others do as well. They all seem to be biblically connected in meaning.

When all the names to date are put together, and If read like this it sounds like a message.

He will laugh with His Bride. What Joy, for who is like God, our Hope. Who sends the Angel of the Trumpet, The Lord Almighty the Defender of the People, His Church (Bride).

(Isaac) = He will laugh.. with His (Kirk) = Church=Bride.. With (Leslie) =Joy... (Michael) = (For) Who is like God....(Nadine) = (Our) Hope.. Who sends (Raphael) = (the) Angel of the Trumpet... The Lord Almighty (Sandy) = (The) Defender of the People.. His Church His Bride.

1st) The meaning of the name Isaac is He Will Laugh

2nd) The meaning of the name Kirk is "church"

3th) The meaning of the name Leslie is Joy

4th) The meaning of the name Michael is Who Is Like God?

5th) The meaning of the name Nadine is Hope

6th) The meaning of the name Raphael is Angel of the Trumpet

7th!!!) The meaning of the name Sandy is Defender Of The People

See You All Soon