Mary Haas (28 Nov 2012)
"Re: Hagman and Hagman: Power of the Holy Spirit with David Lankford & Steve Quayle"

Hello Doves,

I just want to comment on this broadcast.  First, I want to say that I both love and respect Doug and Joe Hagmann, Steve Quayle, and Pastor Lankford and I listen to them and read articles by them frequently.  I listened to this same broadcast yesterday on the Hagmann's website, but I could not listen to the entire show because of Steve's rant about the "rapture crowd" and how they are deceiving people with their belief in a pre-tribulational rapture.  I already knew that Steve and Pastor Lankford believe the Church will be here throughout the tribulation period, although I am not really sure what the Hagmanns believe.  But I was a little surprised and even hurt that he would talk about other Christians like that and accuse us of being deceivers simply because we hold a different view of the rapture than he does.  I don't agree with what the "no rapture crowd" believes, but I don't question their faith and salvation because of it.

Is it just me or have other Doves noticed the venom that starts spewing from the mouths of those who believe there is no rapture?  I have heard them say things that I know they would not even say to an atheist, a muslim, a buddhist, a hindu, etc., etc.; but they seem to think that anyone that mentions the rapture is fair game!

Is there anyone that can explain this to me?

Mary Haas