Jean Stepnoski (29 Nov 2012)
"Our King Is Near: Signs in the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars: 11-24 to 12-1"


Dear Doves,
   This is the last week of the current Spiritual Year (Liturgigical Year) for Christians. These days of the conclusion of the annual cycle before it begins again on 12-1 to 2 with Advent, are days to daily reflect upon the theme of Christ The King, The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords. Egypt is much in the news in recent days, reminding us of the theme of Pharaoh rather than King. For the Torah Portions in the 2 weeks just ahead beginning 12-1, the stories are about Joseph, including the themes of Pharaoh, the 7 ample years, then the 7 years of famine, leanness, and suffering. Year 8 has begun since the expulsions from the Gaza.
   There are signs in the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, and the Stars from 11-24 through 12-1-2012. What do some of the major heavenly bodies represent? The Sun is associated with Abba Father or with Christ. The Moon is symbolic of the bride, the body of Christ. On 11-28 will have been a total eclipse of the Moon, a lunar eclipse. Any total eclipse, solar or lunar, is basically seen from Earth like a combination, a union, a celestial wedding of Sun and Moon. Does this represent the soon Wedding of the Ages of Messiah/Christ with his bride? Venus represents Christ, the Bright and Morning Star, Jupiter is called "the king planet" and Israel is "the king" of the Nations. Saturn is associated with Satan, Mars with Michael the Archangel, Mercury with Gabriel the Archangel and his trumpet, and Pleiades (the 7 sister stars) with the 7 congregations in The Book of Revelation. Spica represents the grain in the hand of  Constellation Virgo's left hand. Spica also is symbolic of Christians and firstfruits.
   How do these factor in as signs in the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars this week, The Week of Christ The King? By 12-1 to 2, the Season of Pentecost for Christians, the time of final harvest, concludes for the year. On 11-26, Spica was to the upper right, Saturn and Mars were very close, only 0.8 degrees apart in the center of the chart of the heavens, and Mercury was lower left. The Moon passed by Mercury on 11-27. Venus and Saturn are close all week, by 11-30 Saturn will be 4 degrees to Venus's upper right. During the whole week is displayed in the heavens ongoing symbolic conflict of Mercury (Archangel Gabriel and his trumpet), Venus (Christ), and Saturn (Satan), and Mars (Archangel Michael, the Protector of Israel). Mars is also the planet associated with war. As of sunset on 11-27, the Moon passed by Pleiades (the 7 stars like the 7 ecclesia) to its right. The Moon will have been very close, in conjunction, with Jupiter "The King Planet" as of sunset on 11-28.
   The date of 11-28 will have been the day of total lunar eclipse, the union or celestial wedding of Sun and Moon. But 3 planets will have been affected, Sun and Moon and Jupiter! Spiritually in symbols are the signs of the union or wedding of Sun (Abba Father and Christ) with the full Moon (bride and body of Christ) and Jupiter "The King Planet" (Christ The King and Israel as King of the Nations) within the Constellation Taurus. The date of 11-28 will be remembered for symbolic and momentous Celestial Wedding, with the total lunar eclipse. The Signs in the heavens above us this week from 11-24 to 12-1, 8 days like the days of Noah, are profoundly meaningful. Luke 21. "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near." Many Doves are eagerly awaiting days of Hanukkah 2012 from 12-7 to 15. Before then are days to reflect upon The King, and realize that Our King Is Near! Signs in the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, and the Stars in the heavens above us proclaim this truth all this week! The King of Kings shall reign in victory, over each and all, forever. May Our King, with eyes like fire, white hair, looking like the Ancient of Days, feet like burnished bronze, voice like the roaring of ocean waves, soon appear as The Light of the World in the skies above and call us home!
With Love and Shalom,