Gino (23 Nov 2012)
"RE: Rene: 11.22.12: FiveDoves: X Marks the spot"

Thank you for reposting this. I have saved a copy of it.

John: is that okay, to save copies, or is that illegal?

That was really awesome. Twenty years ago or so I had either heard or saw parts of some of that stuff that you quoted, from Dr. Ruckman. That was when I still lived up in Chicago, by O'Hare airport, before moving to the Caribbean. Our Pastor, up there, had graduated from, PBI. As a congregation, we believed the same way about the word of God, like Dr. Ruckman. However, we did not necessarily line up with all the PBI teachings - for example:
1) works + faith for salvation in the Tribulation and works-only salvation in the Millennium (works never paid for even one sin, in any dispensation)
2) flesh-to-flesh maketh a marriage (on most college campuses, everybody would be thus married to practically everybody else, including sodomites)
3) the Sermon on the Mount is the Constitution of the Kingdom (parts of that sermon deals with persecution of believers)
4) divorce & remarriage for the office of bishop (pastor)
5) life only begins at the first breath (which would allow for abortion)
6) that all Black people are under (incorrectly called) the curse of Ham (there was a curse on Canaan, which was mainly fulfilled in the book of Joshua)
7) that the Word of God only "became" the Son at the incarnation (the Son, as the Son, made the worlds - Hebrews 1:2)
8) that resurrected (raptured) Christian women would be 33 year old men with beards in heaven
9) also all that UFO & blood-sucking angels from Jupiter stuff

Many of my own friends, who also have graduated from PBI, had to struggle with the above mentioned points. One by one, as they studied the scriptures over the years, that they believed that the Holy Ghost taught them differently from the book, than they were taught at school, about the above named teachings.

Even though our church did not agree with PBI on those 9 points, and even though we were completely nationally, ethnically & racially blended as a congregation, we were always labeled as a "Ruckmanite" church by all the other churches around us, because we do believe the same way about the word of God, like they do at PBI.

I had come out of a completely different background, and my physical brother was at Bob Jones University, and was so anti-Ruckman, that when I came to believe that the AV is the pure, preserved word of God, and transferred to the above mentioned church, from a Bible church with the blessing of my Pastor to do so, I determined that for my brother's sake, if I ever wanted an open door to talk to him about AV, that I purposed not to watch the Drawing Men to Christ videos or to read any of Doc's books or pamphlets, as that was the very first thing that my brother would ask me each time before we talked. Therefore your letter which you reposted, contains all that very interesting stuff that Doc wrote about the mark, and I'm glad to see it all, now, on one place.

I didn't intend to write all this stuff, but maybe you can now see, at least, where I'm coming from. By the way, for the 9 years that I worked in St Croix, my wife and I were the only two Caucasians in our church there, Calvary Baptist - and when someone wanted to label me as a "Ruckmanite" for what I believed about the AV, I usually asked them if they really believed that a "Ruckmanite" would become a member of that church? No one thought so, so the "Ruckmanite" label never stuck while I was there. Now, the same company has a place for me working out in West Texas, 20 minutes from the New Mexico state-line. Ironically the church that I've found in this small town, has a Pastor who spent most of his adult life in "Ruckmanite" churches, but after he was called to preach, completed Bible school, and pastored for a number of years, he also has come to believe differently on those 9 points, while still believing the same about the AV. Interestingly, our church here is also ethnically and racially blended, another sure sign that it is not a "Ruckmanite" church.

I will, however, always thank the LORD, for the teaching on the AV, that Dr. Ruckman has, that has so wonderfully touched the hearts of so many, directly, indirectly, and by secondary and tertiary means. I do thank the LORD for using Dr. Ruckman to stand for the book, even though to most others, he has been God's "junkyard dog", a label he has been glad to wear. I'm one who was one of those tertiary effected people, that learned about the word of God.

Again, thank you Rene, for reposting that letter of yours, also for that poem that you also just posted, and for the stands that you take in the name of the LORD,