Gary Newman (9 Nov 2012)
"There was no election!"

Hi precious doves:

With the title of my post you may be forgiven for thinking I live in a cave, and haven't seen any news.

A great fuss and fanfare is always made of elections and is only for public consumption. This is to increase the deception that the public actually has a say in who is the president or prime minister.

The president was appointed by TPTB.Some may recall at the inaugaration of Obama after his first election, it was announced that; This is the last president of the United States.
Kinda gives the sense of prior knowledge dosen't it?

Interestingly Obama has four years. I believe along with some others that the 2nd half of the last seven year period, before the 120th Jubilee (when we return with Christ) commences either on March 22 or 23 2013.1260 day countdown from that date to the millenial reign of Christ.

36 months prior to that date Obama as you know issued presidential directive that every American must have RFID chip implant which lines up exactly with the start 1260 day mid last seven year period of this age.

Until that time ( March 23 2013) is approx 4 1/2 months, add the 42 months = 46 1/2 months total, which means that Obama will be cast alive into the lake of fire along with the false prophet before he finishes his 2nd term (as US president & world leader).

Prior to that will be the world war, and very likely the Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem where upon AC will proclaim himself as god for 1260 days.

If this timeline is correct then a lot of things must happen in this next four months, and God cannot pour out His judgements until He has taken His righteous children to safety. Praise our lovely holy God!

Love you all, Nicole your posts are a special blessing.