Chris K (12 Nov 2012)


   This is very wonderful and all very true...accurate as related to Biblical prophecy. I have only one thing to add to your wonderful assessment of this coming darkness. The "Temple" for us is not in a geographical location(as it will be for the Jews after our departure). We are to consider Christ's "Body" as the Temple (John 2:19 and 1Cor.3:16), and for us, these passages about the desolation of the Temple will have a very real and yet more "Spiritual" context that has much deeper and more personal implications than simply leaving your clothes behind and running to the hills.
   The "Abomination of Desolation" spoken about in Daniel and referred to by our Lord of His own Body, alludes to a "benumbing stench" of sin within our own person(individually and collectively, within the Church) and therefore, those who are in "Judea"(those who are in PRAISE of the living God) should flee to the mountain of God.......Go to Him in WORSHIP and in PRAISE, not going back to your "old house"(modern congregations and their "traditions of men"), not return for "its" clothing(the works of the flesh)....these SPIRITUAL applications are the only way you and I can apply them to our personal and current experience. If there is going to be a rebuilt Temple in Israel and reconstituted sacrifices there, it will be for the times "renewed" for the Jews and not for the Ekklesia.
   Those prophecies are for us, but, only in their more Spiritual application...don't get me wrong, they are very real, but not in the same way they will be real for the nation of Israel during the time of Jacob's trouble. In the same way that we get to experience our troubles and tribulations incrementally, we also have to have the "abominable thing" revealed within us in a very personal way...the sin nature of all mankind and its introduction even within the Church of Christ's Body.
   This is very much what Jonathan Kleck's videos are all about and the revelation given to him about the serpent seed withing the very genetics of all mankind...this IS an abomination to God, but one that the "new-birth" circumvents. I am very much interested how the three days of darkness applies to our more "spiritual" application and that within these final days and hours, that we must spend fighting against our own fallen nature and seeking the grace found only in the Spirit of living Christ Jesus.
   When you too, find yourself with this abomination standing where it should not be, go to HIM that can set you free...YESHUAH HA MESHIAC....leave everything else behind and go to HIM!
                                                                                          in much love, your brother Chris