Chelsea Brown (12 Nov 2012)
"Hannukka Dec 7-15: A little more ; The Lord's return"


Thanks to Renee M and Ron Reese for sharing....
Renee noted ( ) that December 14th 2012, the last  of Hanukka this year, will be a Gemini meteor shower EXACTLY THREE MONTHS after the Jewish new year (which began Sept 16th) and  likewise in Acts 28:11  scripture states;
"and after 3 months we DEPARTED in a ship of Alexandria, which had wintered in the isle, whose sign was Castor and Pollux."
 Castor and Pollux are the twin star heads of Gemini. See Renee's post. People will be "lifting heads" to view the starry shower on Dec 14th, the last day of Hanukka in 2012. Jesus said to "lift up our heads" when we see  all these signs. Also, note that the meaning of the word ALEXANDRIA in Greek is "DEFENDER OF MANKIND "
Ron Reese ( ) also noted that it is exactly 40 days , the number associated with trials,probation and testings, from Hurricane SANDY to the beginning of Hanukka on December 8th , 2012--- October 29th at exactly 8PM Sandy hit New Jersey ; 4 years to the EXACT minute from Obama's speech  of Oct 29, 2008, also at 8PM, "confirming his covenant with many." Also, note that the meaning of the word Sandy is "DEFENDER OF MANKIND."
Who is the "Defender of Mankind?" Both  words, Alexandria and Sandy, have this  identical base meaning. I think our Defender is at the "Door", our departure is near......