Charles (23 Nov 2012)
"When they say peace and security"


I had a forty percent coupon and ordered a solar charger and know only Jesus can save me not the tools of my hand! Then I read a solar flare was coming to hit earth black Friday! Could you imagine a massive power outage on Black Friday! They say 30% X class could be coming!

This cease fire allows those who were getting Pounded lobbing rockets at Israel to re arm! I am very worried that the 29th wi see Gods answer to the UN statehood bid!

I see rapture Watch dates as November 28-29th! December 7-8th, there is something up 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 could be the strong delusion! I keep seeing 11:11 everything points to that minute when we enter the Alex of the dark rift and pass to the fifth age! Of course it will be great tribulation biblically the lie will be the world can believe its the Mayans because they refuse to believe Gods word repentance into belief salvation and Sanctification! I think December 7-8th or the 12th and 13th it's coming the rapture is on a thursday for me don't know which!