Carol Garza (1 Nov 2012)
"To Ernest P, David B. and Doves"

After struggling whether to vote or not, I voted for Romney.

Romney may have wrong teachings/beliefs but he does pray and seek guidance.  He strongly supports Israel.  May God truly save him.

Obama double speaks, etc.....
While he is still human being, may he too get saved

If both reject Christ, they will both know people prayed for their  salvation.  Our prayers do not fall on deaf ears.

You both made a very good point.  I do not own any Apple products for 2 reasons:  $$$$  but I have always been troubled by the "I" logo. I this and I that.  Even the apple logo is a half eaten fruit.

Steve Jobs was a Buddhist who sadly rejected Christ because a pastor did not give him a satisfactory answer when Jobs asked why God allowed so many children to starve.  Jobs was 12 yrs old.

Bill Gates is an agnostic. I have also read he is an atheist.  In any case there is no open evidence he has a relationship with the CREATOR who blessed him with an incredible gift.  Same with Jobs.

I own Microsoft products.  Some here own Apple products. Both great products developed by non believers.

Whoever is elected will not delay or propel our Lord Jesus imminent return. He will come when He will COME.

Come Lord Jesus...even TODAY!!!

Carol G