1 Cor 10:31 (23 Nov 2012)
"oh, one more thing"

Please pray for my BIL, "John" ~  he's a fireman, he worked the Timothy McVeigh bombing at the Murrah Fed. Bldg. in OKC some 15+ years ago..... and he still has nightmares to this day!!
One lady was trapped under the rubble & the only way she could be freed was for them to (without as much as pain meds)  CUT HER LEG OFF.   John was holding her hand as she screamed blood-curdling screams.   He can still hear it to this day!  He is haunted by it.
He's seeing a counselor.  He's seeking God (in a Catholic church ~ oh vey, that's the only religion the family knows.....)   Please ask that John will truly find JESUS!!!!!   Thank you.