1 Cor 10:31 (23 Nov 2012)
"guess "who" is in nativity scenes?"

You guys have heard, I guess, about that judge nixing the nativity scene in CA.
Ya' know -- "o" when he was up for re-election -- he actually laughed & said AFTER he got re-elected he was going to go on an all out war AGAINST CHRISTMAS!!!!
I also took that to mean against Christians, too!!
Then -- utterly blasphemous..... did you know that figurines of "him" are being put INTO nativity scenes?? No, not kidding!!
**SICKENING**, huh??
That man has one monster size ego!!!!  He's arrogant & VERY blasphemous.
Keep praying the Lord will come out to a cloud soon & take us Home to forever be with Him!   Amen!!!