Mike Plunkett (29 May 2022)
"✝ Thinking Out Loud About My Next High Watch Date ✝"

Dear John & Fellow Watchers,

Ascension Thursday has come & gone and we're still here looking up, waiting for Jesus to come rescue us from this world that has now crossed the line into near total insanity.

I have been trying to stay away from dates that coincide with events on the Jewish calendar since they seem to hold more significance peculiar to the nation of Israel whereas our significance and salvation come from believing in the Death, Burial & Resurrection of Jesus as payment for all our sins (past, present & future) as opposed to recognizing the identity of Messiah as is the case for the Jews.

Therefore, I am now looking at 40 inclusive days after 2nd Passover, (Sunday, May 15, 2022), falling on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022, possibly representing the resurrection and rapture of the Body of Christ.

All the Best,
Mike P