Fay (30 May 2021)
"Iran Tested Israel..with Startling Results!"


Hi John and Doves,

A short video clip from TFI Global in the link. VERY interesting. It concurs with my suspicions that this last 11 day war was a strategy test. Designed to test Israel's reaction and capabilities. I don't believe either Iran or Hamas were ready for the tunnel destruction that ensued. Where Israel intimated they were sending in ground troops into Gaza - which sent hundreds of Hamas operatives scuttling into the tunnels, as a result - then bombing the blazes out of said tunnels. Very clever! Again - I don't believe Iran/Hamas envisaged that major set-back.

I also believe that the current leadership in the USA are up to something nefarious with Iran. And we know that the Biden crowd do NOT like Israel. I have no doubt that Natan was right regarding Obama being the infamous Gog. Much evil is afoot.

However - Bible prophecy informs us that Israel will be pummelled in the coming war of Gog/Magog. Israel will be brought to her knees. At which point our wonderful Messiah Jesus will intervene. The entire catastrophe will bring billions to repentance. This war is looming.

The clip in the link is well worth watching.