Roderick (27 May 2018)
"Gino: Greg Wilson: Daniel's 70th Week"

 You need to understand first who are the group of jews that will advance the rebuilding of the temple and what is their intent.
Study Rev.  2 and 3 about who are the real enemies of the church,  those who had been persecuting the real jews who (had the circumcision of the heart because of the born again miracle), since the time of the apostles until today.
They are those who claim they are jews but they are not,  but they are of the synagogue  of satan. They want to hasten the end times for their christ, which to us is the Antichrist.
They are those who have the spirit of the Antichrist, the spirit of Babylon, the spirit of the Pharisees,  the apostate jerusalem.
It will not be the animal sacrifices that this fake jews will cause the abomination that will cause desolation, it will be the proclamation  of the Antichrist that he is god and above any other gods.  Dan.  11. Mat.  24. This detestable and a mockery to the One True God.
We know where they are now. They are now in government institutions,  financial institutions, entertainment industry, and even in various church institutions (pergamos, thyatira, sardis, laodicea)
The US will be having its embassy in Jerusalem.  Will that make Jerusalem Mystery Babylon?
The Antichrist  must defeat another antichrist to make him appear as the real messiah that national Israel had been waiting to defeat his enemies, Islam, the invented religion by the fake jews,  to covertly persecute the church and the messianic jews.