John B (27 May 2018)
"End times birth pains......they may not be what we have thought"


I believe the 5Dove community has all been exposed to the premise that just before the 7 year tribulation period begins there will be a period of time that the bible says would be like....birth pains of a pregnant woman. The general belief that a ramping up of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, drought, famine, pestilence and other forms of bizarre events....... seemingly should / would signal the start of these birth pains........ to signal us to pay attention as they ramp up.

But what if we have been wrong about this premise and there is another barometer (if you will) that is quantifying and accounting for these so called birth pains. Something that we could watch and witness that would tell us clearly not only the frequency but also the magnitude of these symbolic birth pains which then would tell us how close we are to the actual symbolic birth / tribulation period.

I believe there is......and I believe this barometer is the Hawaiian volcano that is presently erupting. I have been watching the frequency and the magnitude of the accompanying earthquakes to this volcano and they have slowly increased in both frequency and magnitude just like labor pains. Here's a link that I watch daily.

Go to the tab earthquake information and then click on list of latest earthquakes.

I believe there is a strong possibility that what is happening in Hawaii is very relevant and connected to multiple biblical passages. I think most of us believe that we have the end time scenario staring us in the face and that scenario could happen any second of any coming day.

Included in this end time scenario are many events as are described in scripture and I believe several of them hinge on what is happening in Hawaii presently.

What do I mean?

Revelation 6 and Ezekiel 38 speak of an earthquake so large it is felt world wide. And Revelation 8 speaks of a great burning mountain with fire that is thrown into the sea causing a third of the sea to become blood, a third of the living creatures in that sea to die and a third of the ships to be destroyed.

What is happening in Hawaii could very well fulfill all those prophecies.

The scientific community is very alarmed that a great portion of the main island of Hawaii may break off due to the volcano and fall into the sea causing a gigantic tsunami that would reek havoc on all of the Pacific ocean and it's shorelines. There are already large cracks forming as this huge section of land is sliding toward the ocean. Here's a picture overview of the break off.......below.

So, what I am proposing is that at some point in the relative near future a huge explosion / earthquake will occur in Hawaii that will be felt worldwide (Rev.6, Ezekiel 38). A massive fire filled eruption and accompanying earthquake will cause a large portion of the main Hawaiian island to be ignited and ejected into the Pacific ocean causing the massive devastation that is written in Revelation 8:8-9 and feared by the scientific community.

And the count down to this whole event I believe can be watched on the web site I linked above where it shows the increasing frequency and magnitude of the individual earthquakes......just like birth pains. There have been hundreds and hundreds of them to this point ........... and they continue.

Here is another link for more info.....

As another Dove has said for years.........tic...toc

Blessings Doves........John B