Garry B (27 May 2018)


In Rev 7:9 John prophesied about the raptured Gentile Church in heaven , and he called them "a great multitude".


In Rev 10:11 John is told to prophesy "AGAIN " about that same group he prophesied about in Rev 7:9 which is the raptured Gentile Church that is in heaven.


In Rev 11:1-2 John prophesies "AGAIN" about the "great multitude" in heaven which is the raptured Gentile Church.


John states that the raptured Gentile Church will reside in heaven for 42 months/1,260 days, and we know that Jesus brings His Church back to earth with Him at the end of the 42 months/1,260 days.


At His Second Coming Jesus ends the 42 months/1,260 days of the anti-Christ authority on earth , and sends him to the Lake of Fire.


Therefore the 42 month/1,260 day periods BOTH END at the same time by Jesus so they must necessarily BOTH BEGIN at the same time. They run concurrently.


We can know the beginning from the end by the information given to us in Revelation.