Douglas Henney (27 May 2018)
"My thoughts on timing"

Last night and today some things came together for me in terms of understanding the timing of events in our near future as it relates to the fulfillment of biblical prophecies including the biblical types/shadows concerning when God will send Jesus to take us home and then transition to focusing exclusively on Israel, and in particular the 144,000 jewish witnesses.

I am going to "place my cards on the table" so to speak in the confidence that folks reading this will go to our Father themselves to confirm any of this or not.  I am not looking to convince anyone.  I do believe I am onto something in what follows, and I am thinking others might receive some kind of benefit or encouragement.  Jesus is coming soon.

[I have a caveat.  What really "matters" is not that folks understand/grasp what I will try to explain, but that we have been brought into union with Jesus Himself, due only to His mind-blowing love and grace.  What I am going to present in these posts/emails are really nothing compared to each of us experiencing intimacy with Jesus, getting to know Him now.  So, if any of what I express is not truly a benefit in terms of your relationship day by day with Jesus, then let it go.]

I am going to start by cutting to the chase and express when I think "the rapture", or rescue, will happen, and then lay out my reasoning.  This might take a couple of emails.

I believe we will likely be "harpatzo-ed" (the Greek word for "rapture" meaning "to remove quickly, even forcefully, out of harms way") on or about July 14/15, the 18th day of the 3rd month according to what I believe is the accurate biblical calendar.  This calendar starts the month at the full moon.  The beginning of the year is determined by the position of a spring full moon relative to "the Branch" (Jesus) star, commonly called Spica, in the Virgin (Virgo) constellation at "moon rise".  Some of you are aware of this calendar.  Mikal Shabbat Scriptural Studies Ministries' YouTube channel has some good videos explaining this calendar.  I have come to the belief that this is the valid biblical calendar, regardless of jewish or christian traditions of men. What is striking about this calendar is that a person can know the start of God's year from any country without relying on some "authority".  I figure you will do your own investigation if you desire.

What is biblically significant about this date of the 18th day of the 3rd month?  This is when God revealed Himself to Israel at Sinai (see Exodus 19, starting at verse 16).  On this date there was a long trumpet blast that sounded louder and louder, with the mountain covered with a thick cloud, and God descended to the top of the mount (not all of the way to the ground), and then He called Moses up, and Moses went up.

Now read I Thessalonians 4:13-18.  Paul describes how, at the rapture, Jesus will descend from heaven (but not come all the way to the ground) during the sound of a trumpet,  then we will be taken up into the clouds, and then we will meet Jesus there.  To me, the "type/shadow" of what happened in Exodus 19 is the very picture of what will happen to us at the rapture.  To me, these descriptions are too similar to discount.  So, the actual timing of Exodus 19 becomes very significant, and God gives the clues to know its date.

Why do I believe this happened on the 18th of the 3rd month?  Per Exodus 19:1, Israel arrived at Sinai during the daytime of the 15th day, the same day of the month God took them out of Egypt in the first month, exactly two months prior.  At Sinai,  Moses goes up to initially hear from God after sunset, which starts the 16th day of the third month.  (Keep in mind their "day" starts at sunset.)  Jubilees 1:1 echoes this timing of Moses initially meeting with God on the 16th day of the 3rd month.  God then instructs Moses to have the people prepare themselves that day (they still have all of the sunlit portion of the 16th to do so), and the day after (the 17th), because He will then come down to them on the third day (the 18th).

This year, the 16th day of the 3rd month, when Moses was given a heads up by God about when He would descend to meet with them all, is a Friday, July 13th.  For those of you who listened to the 8 year old Swedish boy's dream that went viral a couple months ago, this timing of I am presenting not only lines up perfectly with what the boy was shown "days of the week" wise, but also according to what he was shown as to the event that takes place.  It is strikingly similar to Israel being gathered at the foot of Sinai.  (As an aside FYI, I read the English translation of what he exactly said, verses his father's "spur of the moment" translation, and the boy actually did not reference "Easter Sunday" but only a "Sunday" as to when we are taken home.)

Now, per Exodus 24:16, the "cloud" that was on the mountain starting on the 18th, actually lasted for a total of 6 days plus a 7th day.  This timeframe would correspond to July 15, Sunday, through to Saturday the 21st.  What is with this "cloud"?  When Jesus ascended, He was also seen going into a "cloud".

This "cloud"is not the fluffy white things we see in the sky. I believe when the "heaven" reality/dimensions are "opened up" to manefest directly into our reality/dimensions, a cloud-like screen of sorts (I have no idea what it is) is used to mask human beings from directly seeing the intense light emanating out of heaven's dimensions, which would cause, at a minimum, their eyes to be blinded.  This is not a stretch. Think in terms of what happened to Paul on the road to Damascus when He saw Jesus fully glorified.  He was immediately blinded by what he saw. (The "scales" that fell from his eyes when his sight was restored three days later may have been placed over his eyes by God to keep his eyes from being destroyed and causing Paul intense pain.  I am suggesting "the cloud" serves the same purpose as those "scale -like" coverings.) His human eyes couldn't have handle a direct look.  My human eyes cannot even handle staring at the sun for any length of time without being damaged.  How much more so if I was able to see the intense light out of heaven's reality.  So, the "cloud" masks for the sake of human beings who still have mortal bodies.

I observe in Exodus a 7 day period of time where this "cloud" was present, shielding Israel the entire time God was "manefesting/present" above them.  I find this detail interesting, especially as I consider how the events at Sinai serve as a type/shadow of details we might experience as we are taken home.

I observe in I Thessalonians 4 us also going up into a "cloud" (similar to what Jesus went into when He ascended) and then, after the "dead in Christ" are gathered with those of us who still alive and remain, all of us then being taken home by Jesus.  What I am thinking is that the "gathering in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air" points to a seven day period of time where this "cloud" is present, during which an ongoing gathering of folks into heaven takes place before Jesus takes us up the final group on the 7th day, just like God did with Moses.  Moses hung out in the cloud for a few days, after having gone up and down a couple times, before God met with Him on the cloud's 7th day.

Notice that in I Thessalonians 4 that "the cloud" is the gathering place.  This is key in what I am trying to get to.

How might this 7 day gathering in the "clouds" unfold?  I believe that on July 14/15, all of the children, and the "dead in Christ", and also all of us "alive and remain" will all be taken up at the same time.  The kids, and all others who want to, will immediately be taken into heaven itself.  Remember, the "cloud" mask the door (or heaven's portal/wormhole) directly into heaven.  However, Jesus is not yet done doing the "gathering" at this point.  This is only day one of "the cloud" gathering.

In the very middle of that "week of the cloud", I believe some of us will get to come back down to earth (in our new bodies) after we have received about three or so days of instruction.  Why do I speculate or anticipate this? Recall that twice in the Gospels that Jesus revealed Himself to a select group of folks in the middle of a seven day window of time.  One time to His disciples after His resurrection in the very middle of the 7 day Feast of Unleavened Bread (in His glorified body) and one time in the temple in the middle of the 7 day Feast of Tabernacles.  What Jesus did serves as a pattern, or a type/shadow for what some of us will get to do.

In coming back down, just like Jesus did after His first ascension just after His resurrection, some of us will get to help bring in the final harvest of folks who have just embraced Jesus as a result of the initial rapture they just witnessed (these folks will just have had three days of personal darkness before some of us show back up, just like what the disciples experienced during the three days Jesus was in the grave) and before the 7th "cloud day" comes.  That will be a short window of time, from mid-week to the 7th day.  On the 7th day, Jesus will then have accomplished the removal of all that are His and will take the last of them into heaven.  Thus, the church age is officially ended as believers in Jesus, having been the dwelling place of God, the temple of God, on earth are removed on July 21st.

What validates this timing to me is that on the popular jewish calendar, the 21st of July happens also to be their 9th of Av.  This is hugh!  This is a day of mourning every year for the people of Israel as they grieve the destruction of their temples in the past on this very date.  Thus, on this year's 9th of Av, God will again allow one more temple to be removed from them as the entire body of believers is taken off planet.

Another group of "come backs" will be focusing on the 144,000 Jewish witnesses who just had a "Paul on the road to Damascus"- like experience of being sat on their butts, so to speak, also with three days of personal darkness, wherein, after witnessing our rapture, they will have been confronted with the fact that their whole lives they have been wrong about who the Messiah truly is, just like what Paul had to go through.  The "come backs" for this 144,000 group, will open their eyes to know Jesus and then exhort/help them to all gather in Jerusalem to meet up with the two witnesses.

This group of "come backs" will have 40 days to do this, the same period of time Jesus came back after His first ascension to instruct His jewish followers, before finally be taken to heaven for good.  It just so happens that from the midpoint of the "cloud week" (when those of us who come back down "show up"), if you add 40 days, you come to the true date of Pentecost on God's accurate biblical calendar (adding 50 days to the count of 7 weeks) on August 25/26.

These 144,000, just like the 120 in Acts 2, will then be sealed by the two witnesses and be given the ability to talk in different languages, again, just like the 120 in Acts 2, before then going throughout the earth (likely in "twos" like how Jesus sent followers out) proclaiming to anyone who will listen about who the Messiah truly is verses who the world will be wrongly embracing as the messiah/mahdi/buddha/pseudo-jesus.

In my next email/post, I will explain when the "end of the church age" Babylon's 70 years is up, and what that will mean for us a short time prior to the rapture.