TH (28 May 2017)


     Diamonds ?  Gold ?  Platinum ?  An Honest Politician ?  (that's a close
second). Nope !   None of the afore mentioned....  It is an HONEST PERSON !  Just
ONE person who refuses to lie !   No matter the consequences....TRUTH !  Always
and Foremost.  Regardless of the repercussions.  Where are they?  Know any ?  You
perhaps ?  Not me, I lie when it's suits the situation, much to my shame. I ask for
forgiveness when I do, which is often, sad to say. Not for the "asking" but for the
frequency.  ☹️  shame on me for so many times I've had to beg of HIM.  HE forgives
me every time...WOW !   What a Savior we have !  There are times when a "lie" is
acceptable? though. When the TRUTH would cause un-necessary pain. Ex. When
an Army buddy tells the parents of a fallen comrade, how he died. The folks don't
need to hear the "Truth" if it would cause them MORE pain. I feel, in a case like that,
to lie is the better part of Valor. Rare, situations like that, but they do exist. Then we
have the upcoming GREAT LIE. But let's talk about the LIE that precedes "the GREAT LIE", and that is going to be the "false flag" LIE that will create a MARSHALL LAW
situation which will facilitate the rats to scurry into their underground bunkers. We.
those left on the surface, will have to fend for ourselves. Will those of us with a
relationship with JESUS be here for this "false flag"?  No !  We Won't !  I think this
thing with Korea will constitute the necessary event. It's like watching the unfolding
of Prophecy right before our real time....right NOW !  There was only ONE
HONEST PERSON....ever on Earth and HE said HE is going to come get us before
any of the "bad" stuff happens. If a "false flag" is close is HE ?  

                                           MARANATHA !

                                                     T H