John B (28 May 2017)
"Is the world's view of the rapture day accurate?"


I recently watched a Nostradamus series on the History Channel. It was a three part series and one of the episodes was titled “The Rapture”. For an hour they depicted what the rapture would be like and all the chaos and carnage that would ensue due to the rapture event itself...... carnage that occurred during and right after the actual event.

I am sure that many of you have viewed the “Left Behind” series and other rapture related programs that try to describe what it will be like the day of the rapture. These people project or forecast that as the drivers of all manors of vehicles (planes, trains, auto's, etc.) are taken in the rapture......that these then driver-less vehicles will crash causing untold numbers of dead and injured......... and the resulting carnage will overwhelm emergency services worldwide.

Based on scripture......I don't believe the views of these people or their perceived outcomes of the rapture event. I believe that our God is a God of order not dis-order. I don't believe that Jesus's intervention, His taking us away on the rapture / resurrection day will cause mass collateral casualties as is portrayed on TV as a result of our departure. In my mind, that's not the character of our Lord and Savior.

Recently on the Doves site I posted several articles and delved into what the end time verses have to say about Jesus being The Sun of Righteousness and The Light of the World............ and the strange atmospheric conditions that appear will be present on the day of the rapture.

From reading many sections of scripture that appear to depict the rapture day itself I have come to the conclusion that it will not just be a so called normal day and then wam-bang in the twinkling of an eye we are taken away. I believe it will be anything but a normal day.

It appears to me from scripture that the rapture will be preceded by several days of total darkness worldwide and a worldwide earthquake. Whether God causes this Himself or uses an instrument such as planet X, Nubriu or whatever you want to call the celestial object or objects that appear to be now encroaching on our sun that one day soon could temporarily shroud it and it's light.

The bible says that our sun will be black as sackcloth of hair and the moon will be blood red. It also indicates that all manors of mankind will be hiding in caves or re-enforced structures. They will be very scared and hiding from whatever is effecting our planet to such a terrible degree.

If this is the case then I don't believe that there will be trains, planes and automobiles or anything else doing “their thing” so to speak. I believe that the combination of total darkness and the worldwide earthquake will ground all manors of transportation and life “as usual”. After several days of this total darkness worldwide and life as we know it at a virtual standstill Jesus I believe will present Himself in the sky above (as the bible has described) as The Sun of Righteousness and The Light of the World.

He will literally come suddenly as.... a “literal” thief in the night..... to illuminate this darkness....suddenly He'll come after a multi day “night event” that has darkened the whole world for several days. He will come in the sky above, in the clouds, as The Sun of Righteousness and as The Light of the World where He will illuminate the entire planet with His divine brightness as a temporary replacement for the sun. After a great trumpet blast indicating safe passage the dead in Christ and the alive in Christ will be taken up to meet Him in the clouds. I indicate the trumpet blast as “a safe passage” signal because of the verbiage in Revelation 12 that indicates that Satan and his minions will try to intercept us when we arise to meet the Lord but scripture also indicates that Michael and God's angels will defeat Satan and his forces at that time enabling safe passage for us when we arise. This I believe will be a worldwide event that will top all prior events and completely amaze the left behind peoples of the world.

And I believe that there will be no left behind collateral damage. No driver-less vehicles of any kind to crash and inadvertently kill thousands of innocent by-standards. That to me would not be God's way of doing things. My discernment of scripture lends one to believe that the entire transportation system of the world will be grounded. Grounded due to a world wide earthquake and a multi day extreme darkness event that will envelope the earth.

These are the events I will be looking for to happen just prior to Jesus's coming to get His church......which I believe is soon. As soon as...... “the sour grape is ripening in the flower”.

If darkness sets in over this planet for several days.....fear not....for a thief in that darkness...... in that night..... will be coming for us. He will present in the heavens as The Sun of Righteousness and The Light of the World to take us home.

Fear not and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape in the rapture. To escape before all of the tribulation and wrath is dispensed onto the earth for seven years.


Blessings Doves.......John B

P.S. If you want more context and exacting biblical verses go back and visit several of my recent posts to Doves or better yet research for yourselves the multifaceted parameters of the end time scriptures.

Sometimes the entertainment community uses the term “show stopper”. I believe that when God turns out the lights world wide for a few days and then shakes the whole planet it will be the biggest “show stopper” ever.