Ibalog (28 May 2017)
"The Coming  "unscheduled Meteor showers" before rapture!"


I received proof of what 'our father' was showing me about a week ago, conformation of 'Feast of trumpets' being prophetically fulfilled this year 2017.He said we would see an increase in "unscheduled Meteor showers" before rapture on feast day this year 2017.Here is proof; https://youtu.be/2ujhpI3fPU8?t=7 .I'm seeing on 5/25/2017 an average of 50 meteors per hour burning in our atmosphere on " Live Meteor scan.com".We have less than 120 days remaining till feast of trumpets. We need to stay in his written word now. The fireball sightings will be 'many' from now on. Time to rejoice!! Information from; MrMBB333 website."Meteor Shower" - Source: UNKNOWN 60-80 p/h.