Gino (28 May 2017)
"RE: Fay: 05.21.17: Now, the End is Near"

	What a powerful and comforting thought!
"Only Almighty God can change things. Our prayers have influenced things in the past but we cannot change the inevitability of it all. It has become so tiring and stressful. Depressing and draining."
	You are so correct. We are so stressed and depressed over things we cannot change.
You also said, "We can pray our hearts out". I think you're right.
We've been trying force things to happen, and turn out, "our way" (like you referred to).
Until I can say to the LORD, "Thy will be done", I'll be so stressed out, trying to force the LORD to my will.
If I was only more like Jesus, as he demonstrated in the garden of Gethsemane, I would not be so stressed and depressed.
		Thank you so much for writing your letter and sending it to Five Doves.