David Daughtrey (28 May 2017)

Greeting's Brother John Tng and To all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

In 1996 a vision given of the outpouring of the CLOVEN TONGUES OF FIRE  again coming down this time on

the whole earth. While praying I was taken in a vision high above the earth, and saw cloven tongues of fire

being poured out , the fire went out in different directions. Now this was before the rapture vision.

This time instead of 120 chosen men of God speaking in different tongues (languages) in an upper room

there may be thousands through out the world. And the bible said there were 3000 soul's saved that day.

I can see possible world wide rivals happening. All glory to God!!!

Now there's one miner problem, There's 3 to 4 possible dates for the right Pentecost. Sister Jean Stepnoski

posted on(21 May 2017) Thank you Sister Jean. Here's what she researched

In 2017, there are 3 major calendar's with 3 different dates for Shavuot (Pentecost) Ive

 The first will be on May the 30th ( Tuesday) According to the Hillel Calendar

 Next will be June 1st (Thursday) on the Torah Calendar

 The third will be June the 3rd (sat) on the Christian Calendar

 The fourth is my own throw in June the 4th (Sunday) this is the Gregorian Calendar.

Now when the fire come's down we will know the real Pentecost date Amen!!

Now folk's remember this Jesus said  No man knows the day or hour (he was talking about an ordinary man

a common man, an everyday man. Remember this AMOS 3:7 Surely the Lord God does nothing unless he

reveals his secret counsel to his servants the Prophets.

 Now for the final GOOD NEWS after this outpouring happens I can now give you the Final Rapture Date

Yes you can believe it or not  Your choice! I will give you the Confirmation from the Lord . I pray the Holy Spirit

will confirm with your spirit on the date given.

P.S. I picked Pentecost for the Rapture day for many years. I thank you O  Holy Spirit of God for correcting me

on the timing of both events.

May God Bless You All

A servant of God