Vanessa (29 May 2016)
"Reply to Jan j and Rene."


Good afternoon All,

The matter pertaining to judging needs to be addressed properly and we do this by reading the word of God.

Jan J you often quote from the Kingdom Gospel which was not written to you but was written for your learning. Recall Jesus came for the Jews but they turned against him. Jesus did not come as your king. He sent Paul and we must follow the teachings of Paul. That does not mean we don’t follow the risen Lord.

When Jesus spoke he spoke to the people following him and listening to him. His audiences were mostly Jewish.

Please read through the below and check me out and study to show yourself approved.

You also quote 1 Cor 2: 15-16 regarding the mind of Christ. Then you add your own interpretation by saying quote (So if we have the mind of Christ, it was Christ who said “Do not judge.”) 1 Cor is not speaking of Christ's mind in this way. Recall Christ comes to judge the world which is judging/judgment. 

But we have the mind of Christ.
The word “mind” is the seat of consciousness, the faculty of perception and judgment. To pronounce false what God reveals to the believer is to pronounce false the “mind of Christ,” Christ’s perception and judgment. The believer has the mind of Christ because he has the Bible, the revelation of God’s mind. 
The believer has the capacity to make judgments about the Bible because he is in tune with the Word of God. 
The believer has the capacity of understanding inspired books of the Bible because the Holy Spirit illumines his mind to do so. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. The believer must first understand truth before he applies truth to experience. He has the ability to apply truth to his experience because he has the “mind of Christ.” He does not flop around in his convictions but stands firm on what he believes.
Then you quote from Psalms regarding touching Gods annointed. Psalms 105 verse 15. You also give an idle threat to Rene to contemplate the verse. Interesting you use a stern warning. We should NEVER use this tone on the Brethren. We must act in love.
The lady you are both debating over Is a false teacher and very much a confused lady to say the least. I shan’t go into that matter. I have judged her according to the written word of God.
However, When God spoke of the prophets not being harmed or touched God was not speaking of so called (writer does not accept prophets are for today) modern day prophets. He was referring to the prophets who came before Christ.  It’s not my opinion or yours that matters; but what God’s Word have to say about this that really counts? I certainly wish the people that repeat this phrase would read it in its context, 'the Lord's anointed', is a reference to the kings of the nation of Israel (1Sam. 12:3,5; 24:6,10; 26:9,11, 16,23; 2 Sam. 1:14,16; 19:21; Psalm 20:6; Lam. 4:20). The mention of prophets, is a reference to the patriarchs (Psalm 105:8-15; 1Chron. 16:15-22). It is used exclusively in the Old Testament. 

Even though people will tell us that we should not judge, the Bible makes it clear that we should. The following examples show where the Apostles exposed error:

a) Paul named and spoke against certain men in 2 Tim. 2:16-172 Tim. 4:14-15 and 1 Tim. 1:19-20.

b) Paul publicly corrected Peter, a fellow Apostle, in Galatians 2:11-14.

c) Leaders caught in false teaching or immorality are to be rebuked publicly as 1 Tim. 5:20 says.


These examples make it clear that we must judge and publicly expose error and, if necessary, discipline those who are in sin. The salvation of souls and purity of the church depends on this.

May you be blessed with this reading.