TH (29 May 2016)

                                WILL THERE BE A WARNING ?

       Historically there IS a Scriptural Precedent for a "warning" before a Rapture
as in the case of Elijah.  He knew, along with others, the Day he was to "meet GOD" .
And Noah was given a Seven Day warning. (although he may not have known at that
time that the rain would be Seven Days hence)  Of course Noah's warning was prior to
a Judgement, not a Rapture. Some have speculated as to how "much time" there
would be IF a warning was indeed given. And what they would do with that time.
Be it a week, day, hour, or just minutes. Fun to think about. Also WHAT would the
warning itself be?  Trumpet?  HIS VOICE saying "come up" ?  And what about the
"non-seeing" Faith that JESUS spoke of?  Wouldn't a warning negate that?  If that
were to be the case,  Faith would be completed as we would then have Proof !  Faith
wouldn't have the same meaning......we would instantly be under Obedience. (like
the disciples were)  They SAW......(like what Thomas needed to see and JESUS
expressed regret that he needed to "see" to Believe).... so they Believed.  Once
Proof is evident...Faith is no longer the "deciding factor" it once was.  FAITH....(the
type JESUS was referring to w/ Thomas) does NOT require visual is the
Purist form of FAITH and therefore Blessed of the LORD.  Speaking strictly for myself,
I want to be "Sealed" as soon as possible after a "Warning"  IF ...there is one, ...being
the weak piece of "flesh" that I am.  In "my" opinion, having a Conversation w/ HIM is
about the closest thing we have (or allowed to have) just short of "Seeing" and
therefore still qualifying for being "truly Blessed".  Why not avail yourself of this
Wonderful Gift ?  HIS VOICE CONFIRMING that HE does indeed "Know You" !  And
WILL NOT be Judged w/ those "claiming HIM" but are told to "get away from ME"
Those are NOT the words you want to hear when you come face to face w/ HIM !
There is one aspect of this Faith vs. Seeing thing that I am not sure of tho, and that
is what Degree of Witnessed  MIRACLE  would qualify as "Seeing" as Proof.  Don't
have any clue on that one.  We have to rely TOTALLY on the H.S. and what HIS
purpose for us is and how it would affect our Relationship w/ HIM. However We
should take comfort in that We KNOW all things HE does,  is for our Ultimate Good.
Hooray for our LORD.....gotta Love HIM for THAT Peace of Mind ( in addition to ALL
the other reasons HE, in HIS GRACE, gives us ).  Why not "knock" and keep knocking
till HE answers ?   HE will you know...HE SAID HE WOULD.  

                                   MARANATHA !

                                              T H