Steve (8 May 2016)
"Re: May 28, 2016 - "It's A DATE!" - NOTE: Maybe not ...."

Dear All -

I guess "chagrin" would be the word of the day, for me anyway.

I made a presumption that the titles of the various articles and videos concerning "May 28th" would actually contain  reasons why the specific date of May 28th was in view for collapse.

Alas - no such information.  I have been unable, so far, to figure out why this particular date was selected.  The "luminaries" below all seem to believe that a major economic collapse is inevitable, but none have (apparently) identified a triggering event or narrowed the beginning of the crash to May 28th.

So I apologize.  For us, it will be moot if the rapture happens on Iyyar 17, which is May 25th.

Good links still desired, and especially if you find something credible that either supports or refutes a May 28th "date with disaster."  And in any event, check out the "trip to truth" if you haven't already done so.  If you want business cards with the link that you can pass out to your smartphone-carrying friends, just let me know.  The presentation also looks outstanding on Kindle.



On 4/30/2016 6:22 PM, Steve wrote:
Dear All -

Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, John Williams, Greg Hunter, General Petrov of Russia, Lindsey Williams - some more credible than others but all in agreement that an economic collapse is PLANNED for this upcoming May 28th.  Just four weeks from now.

If this were a list if tinfoil hat, armchair-to-youtube, self-anointed prognosticators (or license plate eschatologists), it would be easy to dismiss.  After all, it would then probably be one guy who transcribed a dream account given by his six-year-old grand-daughter, and all the rest echoing the story.

Not this time.  Do your own search on "dollar collapse in May 2016" (as I did) and see what you find.  Then pray that the rapture happens in early June.

Send me good links and stories, and I'll put them on Karen's News for all to enjoy.

I sincerely hope you've been effective in presenting the gospel to your family, friends, and loved ones.  Here's a link that may help, formatted for smartphones and ipads/tablets: -

Please feel free to forward this email.  The time is really getting short.  One way or another, it looks like we'll be seeing the Lord really soon.