Rene (8 May 2016)
"re: Turkey seizing churches? Why are we surprised?"

This is one of the very first things that those peaceful muslims do when they come into power in a country - seize the churches, then start killing the Christians. Or haven't you noticed by now? Since it has been going on for many centuries, no one should be shocked that it has now happened to Turkey!  And now, we have one right in the oval office. It is said that he is bringing thousands and thousands of muslim "refugees" (I use that word lightly because they are NOT refugees! Most of them are ISIS fighters!) into the US by stealth, through US planes in the middle of the night and across the borders by buses - taking them quietly into redistribution centers - no vetting, no background checks - nothing! No publicity --- even the buses have covered windows so no one can see who is inside them!  Providing them with papers, housing, food stamps, and welfare payments - all thanks to the generosity of the sleeping American citizenry!  Well, in just a matter of a few MONTHS, not years, you will suddenly find that many of your "new" neighbors are sporting burkas and hauling 7 or 8 children at a time to the grocery stores in their new SUVs, courtesy of the generous American people! At the same time, Obama is quietly working on executive orders to make drastic CUTS in social security programs and disability programs for American citizens. They would LOVE to get rid of all the senior citizens because many of them are staunch Christians. Most of the younger generation could care less about God and the government can use them as "useful idiots".  Many of them still can't see through him and they think he hung the moon. He not only did not hang the moon, he's getting ready to sink the country!  Get used to it America! Get used to the more than 20 SANCTUARY cities that are springing up across the country. Some of us are concerned, many of us are wondering how and why our legislators are allowing this treachery to happen, and many of us recognize it for what it is - God's judgment on a land that has forgotten him. Remember when the Israelis forgot him, not long after King Solomon had the grandest rule in the land? Even Solomon with all his glory had his heart turned back to idols (by many of his idol-serving wives). One reason why The Jews were told NOT to intermarry with outsiders. God knew that those outsiders would bring their idols with them and entrap his own people!
He told them that he would raise up people from among their midst as a punishment against them. They would war against them, kill them, sell their wives and children into slavery  - and it happened. And America is next in line. Our only hope folks, IS NOT IN THIS NEXT election (which may not even occur!) Our hope is in the return of the ONE who will make all things right, destroy all idols and idolatry out of the world (including Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism and all the other false ISMS out there) and every single knee will have to BOW to the JEWISH KING who sits on the throne of Jerusalem and worship at his feet, including licking the dust up at his feet - or they will find themselves in the lake of fire so fast, they won't know what hit them!!!
Keep looking up!