Paul N. F. (1 May 2016)


         By A.W. Tozer

We will not have this man to reign over us.  Luke 19:14

              People have asked me if our present generation would
        gladly accept Jesus if He came at this time, instead of
        2,000 years ago.  I have to believe that history does repeat

              In our own day, many who want to follow the Christian
        traditions still balk and reject a thorough-going spiritual
        housecleaning within their own lives.

             When Jesus came, many realized that it would mean
        probable financial loss for them to step out and follow
        Christ.  Also, many of those men and women  who
        considered the claims of Christ in His day knew that
        following Him would call for abrupt and drastic changes
        in their patterns of living. The proud and selfish aspects
        of their lives would have been disturbed.

              Beyond that, there was an almost complete disdain for
        the inward spiritual life which Jesus taught as a necessity
        for mankind; that it is the pure in heart who will see God!

             I am afraid that humanity's choice would still be the
        same today. People are still more in love with money and
        pride and pleasure than they are with God and His

        Yours in Christ,
        Paul N. F.