Luis Vega (29 May 2016)
"ORION DRAGON TEMPLE OF UR - A Call to Separation in these Last Days"


The Seeking of the Celestial City and Temple of YHVH

by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in Chart section

‘By faith he (Abram of Ur) dwelt in the Promised Land as a stranger in a foreign country. He lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who were Heirs with him of the same Promise. For he (Abram of Ur) was looking forward to The City with foundations, whose Architect and Builder is YHVH.’ -Hebrews 11:9 (911)

In the continued aspects of research related to astro-archeology in these Last Days as ‘knowledge shall increase’, the following study will seek to build upon the already established notion of an Orion cosmic pattern pertaining to the homeland city of Abraham of the Bible, Ur of the Chaldeans. In a prior study it was illustrated that the Temple or Ziggurat of Ur is adjacent to a temple complex that was patterned after the star constellation of Orion’s belt. This temple complex consisted of a reversed or ‘mirrored’ orientation of Orion with the 3 prominent belt stars corresponding to the 3 adjacent main temple chambers. The prior study mainly suggested that these 3 prominent temple chambers had a geographic and astronomical correlation. On one hand, the temple chambers adjacent the Temple to the Moon God Nanna or Al-la as in the Muslim All-ah was patterned in a 90-degree orientation to the Pyramids of Giza.

Most notably, the distance from the Ur Ziggurat to the Great Pyramid is approximately 777 nautical miles or 1440 kilometers. These mathematical coefficients are very cryptic and significant in sacred geometry. What this study further presents based on the template of Orion upon the ancient city core of the Ziggurat of Ur, is that the Moon God Ziggurat temple itself is patterned to represent the ‘Cosmic Dragon’ Nebula that is on the ley-line of Orion’s anthropomorphic outline. This ‘Cosmic Serpent’ is referred to as the Horsehead Nebula but many see it as a masked flying Red Dragon sort of composition given the apparent appearance of it. This ‘Serpent’ Nebula is in the same ley-line as the star Alnitak. Thus it is highly suggested by this study that the ancient rulers of Ur knew or had prior knowledge of this astronomical nebula construct of Orion.

It would have been impossible for such ancient people to know or ascertain this cosmic correlation within Orion without the aid of a powerful magnifying telescope. A mere direct eye observation on the clearest of night skies would not have determined this composition. This supposition thus also suggests that the rulers of Ur had this Orion celestial map configuration given to them by those that either came from there or knew in some direct way that such a ‘Cosmic Dragon’ Nebula was adjacent the belt stars of Orion. This study also suggests then that the location in ancient Ur of the Ziggurat to the Moon God corresponding to the Serpent Nebula would corroborate with the calligraphic rendition of the modern Moon God, being Allah as a similar ‘Serpent’ motif.

Could this knowledge of the Dragon Nebula in Orion have been part of the secrets the Fallen Angels gave to Humanity as stated in the books of Genesis and Enoch? To the ancient Sumerians, such ‘gods’ or Fallen Angels are said to have come from such constellations and that they would return at the end of time to ‘save’ Humanity. The Ziggurat of Ur, the Temple to the Moon goddess Nanna is one in the same with that of Isis with the star and crescent of the Muslims. This study supposes that the worship at the Ziggurat was directed toward the fallen Cherub, Lucifer, the Serpent as being the ‘Nebula’ from Orion. The Arabic writing of ‘Allah’ does appear to be that of a ‘Serpent’. This ‘Cosmic Red Dragon’ coordinate whose star nebula conformation corresponds with the Temple at Ur is approximately 666 nautical miles to the Ka’ba box or shrine of the Moon God, Al-lah in Mecca. In turn, this ‘box’ is 666 nautical miles from the other ‘box, the Holy of Holies of the former Temples of YHVH on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Further intriguing is that the Ur Ziggurat to the ‘Dragon’ or Serpent Nebula is also approximately 666 miles to Jabal al Lawz or the purported real site of Mt. Sinai on the Arabian Peninsula. This supposition of a ‘house of the Shining Serpent’ is in line with the other ancient storylines of temples build to the ‘Red Dragon or ‘Flying Serpent’ god that came down from Orion and/or the Pleiades. For example, this ancient motif and cosmological construct is seen in the Temple of Quetzalcoatl in Teotihuacan that is decorated with the heads of feathered serpents. Could this ‘Serpent’ or Dragon like nebula that is at a 33-degree angle from the Orion belt stars as it is in Ur with the Ziggurat be a possible abode or area of dominion of Lucifer before his fall?

What is so particular about Ur? It is from Ur of the Chaldeans that the Bible tells the story about not just a peculiar man of ‘Faith’ named Abram that lived there but the ‘Father of Faith’. Apparently Abram came from a noble and perhaps like Moses, from a priestly cast. Abram possibly had direct involvement and knowledge of such Fallen Ones and their cosmology that perpetuated the worship in their occultic religious practices of the Luciferians as they do now. This false religious system was said to have been initiated by the 1st Mason, Nimrod in honor of Lucifer after the Flood of Noah. Since the Flood, Nimrod is said to have been the first induced with the Spirit of AntiChrist and was the type of the Luciferian AntiChrist and the last one to come. The Bible teaches that Lucifer’s last ‘Nimrod’ will likewise embody not only this same Spirit of AntiChrist but Lucifer himself as a counterfeit incarnation of the Son of GOD, Jesus.

The current religion in the world that ascribes to this same Spirit of AntiChrist and has the same murderous bent as with Cain against his brethren is that of Islam. On the contrary YHVH came to Abram of Ur with an offer of blessing, friendship and an eternal ‘deal’ or Covenant through Isaac, not Ishmael. It was this particular man that after the Flood of Noah perhaps sought to consider the wonders and marvels of the cosmos and the Dragon Nebula itself. Did he have a god-consciousness and thus sought after who this Creator really was that made Orion, the Dragon Nebula, the Pleiades and the Bear in the Heavenlies, etc? The Bible declares that YHVH took note of this man and made a pact, an unconditional Covenant of friendship to bless the whole world with salvation through his genetic lineage by a Son of Promise. Abraham believed YHVH and took Him at His Word.

The Bible teaches that upon such work of faith in believing the Creator, YHVH bestowed ‘Righteousness’ to Abram and changed his name to Abraham. YHVH showed Abram the Plan of Salvation and the Savior, Jesus much like with Daniel’s vision. It was from Abram’s racial stock of Isaac that the Messiah, Jesus Christ would eventually be realized as the ultimate fulfillment of the Son of Promise. Not only would the Gentiles be blessed with salvation, graciously bestowed by the Creator but that the pack, deal or this portion of the ‘Covenant’ would be unconditional. In this prophetic paradigm, the Church Age is often seen as the ‘intermission’ or parenthetical time period.

The diagram below attempts to show an alternative perspective illustrating that it is Israel that is the parenthetic work in-between the dispensation of Gentile Ages. However, there is yet 1 prophetic Week of Years left, the 70th one that will finish this ‘Jacob Time of Trouble’ parenthesis in-between the Age of the Gentiles that is the terminate of Israel’s constitution. This last Week of Years will follow the end of the Church Age. This is the prevalent interpretation of Daniel.
                                    Covenant                                     New Covenant

Adam       Noah                 Abram                                                   Church             ‘Jacob Trouble’
|-----------------------|         ( Israel )          |-------------------------|--|
                                                  (Gentile Age)     
Jewish Intermission       (Gentile Age)  
                                                                                     69 weeks                                  70th week

It would be from Abram’s lineage of the Son of Promise, in theory that the Hebrews and later on the Sons of Jacob composed of the 12 Tribes would constitute ‘Israel’. This Covenant included a physical sign of separation. It pertained to the circumcision of the male’s member. The ‘deal’ also included a land-grant of the Promised Land, that being Israel. Concerning Israel, the ‘rest is history’ and yet to be fulfilled and completed by the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, that is the last week or 70th Week of Year of Daniel’s prophecy for Jacob or Israel. Will such a 70-year coefficient converge with the 70th anniversary or generation since Israel was reborn in a day back in 1948? Will the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed in 70 AD also synchronize to this 70th anniversary year? The following are some approximate distances acquired by GoogleEarth coordinates from the Orion Dragon Nebula temple of Ur.

Ziggurat of Ur
Long-side length on the ley-line to 1st chamber complex = 2520 ft
666 ft perimeter
.13 miles

666 nautical miles to Mecca
666 miles to Mt. Sinai in Arabia
644.64 miles to Jerusalem Temple

>From Ziggurat to Great Pyramids of Giza = 777 nautical miles or 1440 km
>From Ziggurat to 1st chamber ( Alnitak )   =  .33 km
>From Ziggurat to 2nd chamber ( Alnilam ) =  .13 nautical miles
>From Ziggurat to 3rd chamber ( Mintaka ) =  .13 km

It was YHVH that commanded Abram whose name was changed to Abraham, meaning the ‘Father of many Nations’ to leave Ur and the religious, social and political orders of that world. So too was Jacob transformed through much tribulation into ‘Israel’, a ‘Prince with YHVH’. What is also rather amazing is that for thousands of years since the glory of Ur, the Chaldeans themselves have also managed to survive as a people. Most notably, the modern-day Chaldeans are mostly of a Catholic Christian persuasion. This particular population group, like the Jews have always been the minority in a sea of Muslim ‘red dragons’ seeking to devour such a testimony to Jesus Christ. Currently, the modern-day Chaldeans have suffered the orchestrated Luciferian onslaught of the ISIS menace to the point of genocide.

This lends to some credence that YHVH and the Moon Goddess Allah are not one in the same. YHVH is clearly prescribing a separation from the world’s counterfeit creation storylines and false ‘Alien’ deities. On an aside note, being that there is a connotation to the Ziggurat of Ur being the temple of worship to the ‘Snake-Moon’ goddess. Is there some validity to the association with many in the UFO and Ancient Alien theory camp that the ‘creators’ of the human race were actually the ‘Reptilians’? This study only seeks to point out that there is a very prevalent alternative paradigms of belief that associates such Alien races to Orion and that are scheduled to return as the former ‘gods’ of the ancient civilizations from where YHVH called Abraham out of. As the possible and perhaps inevitable ‘Alien Disclosure’ will be seen in one’s lifetime, the message to YHVH’s People in these Last Days is likewise to ‘leave and separate’ from this coming deceptive world and age.

Abraham was called to a physical land and place and as the book of Hebrews teaches, Abraham did not actually receive the inheritance in his lifetime. Abram only had a foretaste of the New Jerusalem and Temple of YHVH to come. Likewise, those heeding the call of Christ to leave this ‘world’ and the ‘temples’ of worship to the Fallen Angels and of Lucifer are on a journey of Faith. Like Abram’s name was changed, so too are the followers of Jesus Christ being changed and transformed into the image of Christ. This process, in part is obtainable by the ‘renewing of the mind’. The Apostle Paul teaches that this transformation comes with the study of Scripture that is the Bible and especially from the words of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught that this present evil world is not one’s eternal city that is only built by mankind and hybrids of Genesis 6.

Jesus at the celebration of His last Passover with His Disciples in the Upper Room promised to finish the Passover but in the Kingdom and within its City of YHVH or God the Creator. Since that time, Jesus has been preparing mansions within its walls for those that put their trust and faith in this true GOD-Reeder, the Son of Promise, Jesus as did Abraham. Such estates will become thus available after the Bema Seat of Christ evaluation. From that point will the Principalities and Powers on High be judged. Abram embarked on a journey of faith as he was given progressive revelation, instruction and discipline all along the way; so too has it been with His Bride during this present Church Age. What is unique about such a flawed man as every human is due to Adam’s sin-nature is that foremost, Abram ‘sought a city whose founder and builder was YHVH’.

Abram understood that no Earthly city such as the great Ur of the Chaldeans with its great Ziggurat and walls would or could compare to the New Jerusalem to come. Christians should also not shy away from the current and ever-increasing nuances of the coming Alien Disclosure. In part such terminology is even prevalent in the Bible itself. Jesus stated in the book of Revelation that He is ‘The Star’, the Bright and Morning one….as in Venus and thus a poetic personification no less. Jesus further stated that in comparison, He is ‘The Gate’ to the sheep where one day Jesus will come back for His Bride as He promised in the Upper Room. Thus on one hand, Jesus to the Christian is as a ‘Star-Gate’ personified through His attributes, character and work on the cross based on the Plan of Salivation. The city-state of Ur of ancient Iraq was thought to have been part of the original founding cities that Nimrod established along with Babylon after the Flood of Noah.

Interestingly, Ur is adjacent to a modern-day military base that Saddam Hussein built and subsequently the U.S. led invasion of Iraq later built-up. The prior studies show with respect to this airbase, named Tallil is that it is fashioned after the occultic hexagram with a ‘T’ or ‘hammer’ motif. Some ascribe this geometry of Ur to suggest a correspondence to one of Earths’ energy ley-lines and point of convergence of space and time, having perhaps a portal or Stargate properties. Nonetheless, perhaps Orion in association with the Pleiades and Taurus are a cosmological outline of the very dimensions of the Heavenly abodes of the Angels and the Creator Himself, YHVH. Are such places going to be part or partial of the ‘Principalities and Powers on High’ that will be overthrown when Lucifer is cast out of Heaven and thrown down to Earth during the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation period?

These ‘thrones’ will be vacated as Lucifer and his Fallen Angelic minions are expunged forever from their ‘thrones’ in the Heavens after Jesus breaks the Seal judgments. It is also rather interesting that if the ‘Red Dragon’ phenomenon of the Nibiru flyby is to come to pass, one calculation is that the 2nd Sun’s trajectory traversed this Dragon Nebula of Orion on its flyby. The trajectory will lead towards Ophiuchus and be very apparent opposite Virgo. Perhaps YHVH will use this phenomenon of the ‘Death Star’ as part of the Trumpet and Bowl judgments. This ties in with the Revelation 12 Virgo sign that perhaps will synchronize with the actual and literal apparition of Nibiru on September 23, 2017, which by the way will be Rosh HaShanah. Per some eschatological interpretations, this event coincides after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.

The below template is a parallel of how each ‘Branch’ of the vine of Jesus as the Messiah to both the Jews and Gentiles is subject to the same principle of a week of years’ prophetic time of ‘tribulation’. This study suggests that this could help clarify the confusion that exists of who is to go through what ‘tribulation’ and when. As it is many verses are being misappropriated between the 2 Branches, that is the Church Age presently and culminating with that of the Sons of Jacob that will initiate the return of Jesus. Before the Matthew 24 debriefing of Jesus to His Disciplines occurred concerning the establishment of the Kingdom on Earth, there was Matthew 16:18.

The Time of Trials and Tribulation of the Church – a 7 Day to Week Pattern
‘While they were confirming the souls of the disciples and seeking that they would continue in the faith; and they were saying to them that it is necessary to enter The Kingdom of God by much tribulation. – Acts 12:22 For it is time that the judgment will begin from the house of God; but if it begins from us, what is the end of those who are not convinced of The Gospel of God? – 1 Peter 4:17 Because you have kept the word of my patience, I also shall keep you from the trial that is going to come over the entire inhabited world, to test the inhabitants of The Earth.’ –Revelation 3:10.

DAY 1             DAY 2            DAY 3           DAY 4          DAY 5      DAY 6            DAY 7
Ephesus          Smyrna          Pergamum     Thyatira        Sardis        Philadelphia   Laodicea
The Church Age: 1 Prophetic Week or 1 Hour or 12 hours in a day

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble or Tribulation of Israel – a 7 Day Week of Years
‘Immediately after the distress of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken. Matthew 24:29 I have given them Your Word and the world has hated them; for they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. I am not asking that You take them out of the world, but that You keep them from the evil one.’ –John 17:15

DAY 1             DAY 2             DAY 3             DAY 4         DAY 5        DAY 6          DAY 7
Reuben  Simeon  Levi  Judah  Dan Naphtali  Gad  Asher  Issachar  Zebulun  Joseph  Benjamin
Israel: 1 Hour of Trial or 12 Tribes or that of Daniel’s last Week of Years

In the whole of the Gospels, Jesus Christ only mentions the word for Church twice as ‘the Called Out Ones’. It stipulates that the Gates of Hell will not overcome the Church or the ‘Called Out Ones’. No such word is used in Revelation for when the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation ensues. No one there as Believers are referred to as the ‘Called Out Ones’ but mere ‘Saints’ whom the AntiChrist is given power over and authority to wear-out. Only during the Gentile Church Age is Jesus calling out a people much like Abraham to build His Bride. It is Jesus that will and is building it upon such confessions as was Peters’. This was a glimpse and a foreshadowing of the Mystery hidden in Christ but later fully revealed to the Apostle Paul.

The Olivet Discourse was exclusively for the Jewish nation and in this context the Church entity is absent because as a living organism comprising of the Body of Christ, it did not exist until Pentecost. The literal separation at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture completed the mixed Jewish-Gentile Church Age. During the last prophetic Week of Years YHVH will focus on the completion of Daniel’s prophecy of Daniel 9 concerning the Sons of Jacob. This prophecy of Daniel is exclusive to only refer to ‘Your People’, the Jews. The Church was not, is not and will not be part of this prophetic equation. The only overlap that both the Church Age and the Tribulation period have in common is that both are to come and go as patterns of 7s. The outline of Daniel’s prophecy concerning the Sons of Jacob or ‘His People’ can be likened to a Menorah, past, present and future.

‘Seventy Weeks have been decreed for
1 your People (the Jews) and                                                 past
2 your Holy City (Jerusalem),                                                 past
3 to finish the Transgression (of the 3rd Temple),                  past

4 to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity,      PRESENT

5 to bring in everlasting righteousness,                                 future
6 to seal up vision and prophecy and                                     future
7 to anoint the Most Holy Place.’                                            future

According to one End Times scenario, Christ will call His Bride that is promised to be spared as the Philadelphian Church type from the ‘Hour of Trial’. This Hour of Trial is designed to finish Daniel’s prophecy concerning ‘His People’, the Sons of Jacob. This will encompass the last week of Daniel’s years to complete the judgment upon Israel. It will also serve to judge the inhabitants of the Earth and upon Lucifer and his counterfeit Gospel and ‘Alien’ God-Savior and Prophet. The coming of Jesus for His Bride first will involve a ‘recue’ mission, the Secret Rapture. Like Abram, this point in time will be the ultimate ‘call’ to the ‘Called Out Ones’ to a separation as Abram left Ur of the Chaldeans with its Orion Dragon Temple.

At the point of the Resurrection and Rapture, Jesus will separate His Bride from the city and domain of the Moon God of this world, Lucifer. The Seal judgements will make room for the Bride of Christ to instead be given over as part of the spoils of Jesus Christ’s victory over sin, death and Lucifer. This specific time, will be like a calling out with a Trumpet and shout to get out. It will be the separation and transformation that the Apostle Paul taught about, the metamorphism of the body. Do you hear Jesus’ call? Are you separating oneself from this present evil world that is about to be judged? Do you have the faith of Abraham that saw the true Redeemer? Are you investing in, seeking and looking forward to The City with foundations, whose Architect and Builder is YHVH?

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