Jovial (29 May 2016)
"The Dark Agencies"

In my last post, I talked about why the enemy wants a world without borders at .  There is a group of globalists out there that have several groups working for their agenda; the CFR, Tri-Lat Comm, Masons, etc.  They used to operate in as much secrecy as possible, but today they often come out in the open and announce who they are.  Some are simply ultra-left wing and mean well (but are wrong), and some are full blown evil.  But all have an agenda to control the populace with a one world government.  Ike called them the "Mil-Industrial Complex."  I will call these groups collectively "The Dark Agencies", since they go by many names, and all that is important is the fact that they are leading down the wrong road.

Some of these groups are misled and think a world wide government would mean an end to war.  It won't.  Several internal civil wars are going on right now in places like Syria, Iraq and other places.

Some of the other groups are bent on evil.  The leaders at the top take orders directly from the Enemy or evil spirits.  The people below them take orders from their leaders, not knowing their leaders are taking orders from hell.  As you traverse down the chain of command, there is an increase in the chain of deception.

Satan can take over the world if he can convince the masses to submit to a small group of people.......and he can control that small group of people.  And this is why globalism is so important to his agenda, because if there are 200 independent countries, at least a few will choose wisely, even if 150 submit. And those few that choose wisely will help the Gospel flourish.

Some people think we might finally defeat these Dark Agencies if we get a president elected who will remove their puppets from power.  First off, even if we elected someone who was not one of them, it doesn't mean he is going to clean house.  They might just lay low until he leaves office.

But what if these "Dark Agencies" were to disappear overnight for some reason?  Suppose a rich man bought enough of the news media and outed these groups so they had to go back into hiding?  I think they have a backup plan. 

If that were to happen,  I think the next thing that would occur is that they would go on TV and announce that the government has made contact with aliens from another planet and we, as a people, must submit to following their orders.  They might put a genetically created being from a lab on TV to show an alien, but essentially, the idea is to get the masses to submit to another group of people.  If those "aliens" are really demons from elsewhere, or genetically engineered animals controled by demons, and those submitting to them don't know that, and the control continues under a different guise.  The Scriptures are clear that man is to be the dominant life form on earth.  Don't let the Enemy fool you on that one.

I am not saying that is going to happen...just saying that it is something to think about.