James Brownlow (15 May 2015)

John and Doves: Please read this until the end....

Bruce Baber has mentioned several times that the child is birthed head first and that as the last part of the bride of Christ is taken into a new world and she exits a dark womb, it is the feet which leave last. Here is another angle  on the bride's body with a different twist ; the Geographic Bride.
Isaac Newton, (b. Dec 25, 1642, d. Mar. 20,1727) postulated that  events taking place in time were correlated and connected to the geographic location that tied each event to Jerusalem. Newton believed that , based upon Ezekiel 40:3 , everything, all measures of time and space,  both material and spiritual , was measured from the Temple cornerstone in Jerusalem. Since time is mathematics, just numbers -- days, months, and years, and locations are numbers of longitude and latitude, it is easy to see how this might be. Unfortunately, for Newton, there was no accurate way to measure either longitude or latitude locations in 1700. Newton was 350 years early.

By the 1990's GPS measurements were sufficiently advanced to determine exact location measures. A Montana resident, now deceased, David Flynn, decided to test Newton's theories using exact, known distances between the  Temple cornerstone in Jerusalem and various ancient and modern locations, all of which had certain connective events in their history tying them to Jerusalem. Flynn's book, Temple at the Center of Time, a bestseller, detailed a multitude of locations where the distance to Jerusalem was the same number, in miles, as was the year that connected that location to Jerusalem. So, for one example, the "London Stone" on Cannon Street near the Tower of London from which the Romans measured all distances in England, is exactly 1948.4 miles from the Jerusalem cornerstone. This being also the date when England determined to withdraw from Jerusalem, creating a state of Israel -- 1948.

So what has all this to do with Hebron, King David, and his 7 wives ? The answer is geography. Geography is designed and not just in miles and dates which correspond to the miles. The Bible sets forth a most amazing geographic type, one which I have never seen mentioned anywhere.

The Lord gave title and ownership of the land of Israel to Abraham, to Isaac, and a third time, to Jacob and to their descendants forever. It was a gift. Yet, despite owning the land, three different times the owners bought their own land. Does that seem crazy ? Who would buy their own property ? How does one pay for something already given to him ?

First, Abraham buys the cave at Macpelah  (Gen 23:9) to bury his bride, Sarah. Macpelah means "double cave". It is in HEBRON. It is the burial place of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, and Leah. A  womans womb is similar to a double cave and is a dark place where one waits for a life to begin. Like a grave, it is a dark portal to a new life. Hebron is at the lower, southern part of Israel. Below Hebron to the south is the desert , like a big skirt.   Today the cave is covered by a building with large iron gates inside the building situated over the cave entrance. It is noteworthy that the Tree of Mamre, where Abraham rested, and also where he and Lot parted company, is just slightly  north of Hebron.  That tree is still alive. Gen. 13:18 ; 18:8.

Second, David buys* the threshing floor of Onan which became the site of the Temple and Holy of Holies. It represents the Heart of the bride. David was a a man after God's own heart. The Holy of Holies was kept from human view by a thick veil. The two long staffs on the ark of the covenant extended the veil beyond a direct drop,and it is said that the veil often moved as if breathing like a woman. This is central Israel, in Jerusalem, north of Hebron. (2Sam 24:24 and 1Chron21:18-27)

Third, Jacob bought a well at Shechem ( Nablus today) which means shoulders and sits exactly between Mt Gerizam and Mt Ebal.  The two mounts look like shoulders. Meaning good and evil. It is north of Jerusalem but south of Galilee. These are the hills of choosing, the place of choice. Joshua  at Shechem said ,   " As for me and my house we choose the Lord". It is north of Jerusalem. The shoulders and neck , our neck selects direction and is also where Joseph is buried --  a type of Messiah. (Gen 33:19)

Last, north of here is only a place called Gallilee, the geographic head of the bride. It is where the Head of the bride comes from, it is not purchased. Gallilee means circular or round. A circle has no end or beginning. It is the shape of a skull , the head.  Each of the three other places, the price* is listed.... 400 shekels silver, 65o shekels silver, and 100 pieces of "money" .  1150* total . What that  number means is a mystery ???

Now note that King David spent 7 years in HEBRON, the location of the womb, the cave of Macpelah. While there, he only ruled over a portion (Judah) of what he was granted. Hebron is a type of this age. The womb. Giving birth to the bride. He later spends 33 years in Jerusalem, also as King. (2Sam5:5)

In Hebron , he has 6 wives(#) plus a 7th wife Michal, the daughter of Saul, who does not reside in Hebron with David. (1Sam 18:27). Michal loved David. (1Sam 18:20). This is the ONLY place in scripture where it is recorded that a woman loved a man. That has to be very significant. Hebron means "communion". (2Sam 3:2-5) .  Michal loved David but was not in communion with him.These seven wives, the brides, seem to be a type of the 7 churches in Revelation. The type is inverted, Michal, Saul's daughter and David's first wife, mocks David ( 2 Sam 6:16-20 ) and is barren, (2 Sam 6:23)  while all the other brides produce offspring. ( 2SAM 3:2-5).  Michal matches Laodicea , thinking highly of herself,as royalty, daughter of King Saul,  while she disparages the emotions of her husband and king, a Type of the true King.(2Sam6:16-21)

So here is a type in geographic design, the 7 churches. The womb of Hebron , her children waiting in darkness, ready for a new life in the light. As Bruce Baber has mentioned  on this site- the head of the church is already delivered. Only the two feet and toes remain.....The price has already been paid.

I would like to thank Danielle Walker for pointing out that David had a 7th bride, Michal, Saul's daughter, during his time in Hebron... This all fell out of her comment.

* The purchase of the Temple site by David is recorded in 2SAM 24:24 and also 1Chron 21:18-27. The price paid is listed as 50 in 2Samuel and as 600 in 1Chronicles. It is not clear to me whether the 50 was a deposit and should be included in the total price of 600 or if the 50 covered additional items tied to the property and should be added to the 600. This could make the total 1100 rather than 1150. (2300 is a number of significance in scripture, 1150 being it's half.)

# The Seven Wives of 2Sam 3:2 - with Strong's -- gematria --offspring

Michal , Saul's daughter. Not listed. H4324 --100--- barren
Ahinoam H0293 -- 179                   -----Amnon  H0550/147
Abigail H0026  ---56                          -----Chileas  H3609 /53
Maacah HH4601 --135                  ----Absalom  H0053 / 379
Haggith H2294 -- 42                      --------Adonijah H0138 / 76
Abital H0035 --52                     ---------Shephatiah  H8203 /404
Eglah H5698 -- 108                         --------Ithream H3507 / 720

ONE FINAL NOTE : The gematria value of the 7 brides adds to 672 !! This is a KEY, CRITICAL number pointed out by Greg Wilson in his Jan 24, 2016 study (here on Fivedoves.com/letters) of PENTECOST 2016 - AN EXTREMELY HIGH WATCH DATE. I post that link below.