Gary Rich (29 May 2016)
"What is your Life Impacting Vision ?"

Rapture watchers like us are intenstly devoted to watching for the signs of our Lord's return. But while we are waiting for Jesus to come for us in the rapture i have a thought provoking question for everyone to consider.  What is your all-consuming desire in your life ? What are you passionate about ? What has God called and gifted you to do ? What are you willing to give your life to ? If your vision is truly of God, you will " feel " it
There are two important things about having a life impacting vision - your vision must come from God, and He will reveal to you your destiny and give you an opportunity to fulfill it. Seek to serve others cause if you do, your impact will be greater than your image, and your eternal reward greater than anything you can drive, wear , live in or hang on a wall
 When you know why your here and what your God-given purpose is, you will have all the momentum you need. A good question is - what are you doing or what's happening in your life when doors seem to open automatically ? So what is God saying to you ? What does He want you to be doing for Him while your waiting for His return ? Spend time in prayer seeking divine wisdom. God will give you a life impacting vision if you ask Him !
have a blessed day,   Gary