Fay (8 May 2016)
"Our Genetic Code"

So - ahem - the "scientists" are asking.......... "Why has the human genetic code (DNA) stood still for 3 billion years??? Their calculations - not mine, you understand! Hmmm - they are asking why we stopped "evolving" 3 billion years ago. How the heck has our DNA remained the same since time immemorial.  dUH - perhaps it's because we were made as we were made. A singular separate species called HUMAN..............who did not evolve from pond scum or apes. It's pretty damn clear to me. Read the article and have a good old guffaw at the utter stupidity of the whole evolution theory. Really worth reading. It will reaffirm your faith in what the Bible says about our uniqueness - how we are the most wonderful of God's creation.

You know how we all have tended to forgive the barbarity of the past? The dark ages -people slaughtering each other etc.? I have always tended to think they were kind of barbaric and cave men like. A bit simple, if you will. They were nothing of the sort. They were probably a little more nave than we are -less educated and more easily led. However, our common angst has always come from our leaders, politicians, kings, queens etc. They are the ones who have always led us into war after war after war after war. At whatever stage of civilisation we've been at - there has always been war. Perpetrated by our leaders, kings, queens..............blah, blah. We humans have always been gifted with an intelligence - the ability of choice - knowing good from evil. Even from the most base level. BUT - we, as a species - have always been blinded by bling and wealth. If a REALLY rich powerful dude tells us we are in danger and we need to band together as an army........we have listened. This trend no longer applies. With the onset of the internet - the ready availability of information and communication of like minded people (Christians, for one). The ability to do proper research etc., powerful people can no longer fool the general populace. THIS is why they are now moving with great haste (and extreme clumsiness in their haste) They KNOW we are onto them.

Their evolution bilge can no longer be applied or hold any truth. Not with todays technology. The catholic church and their rot can no longer hold any sway - except to the uneducated and poor. The liberal lefties and their divisive tactics will only be effective among the greedy grabbers. The lovers of violence. These are the people who are holding sway in the media ( who are paid patsies, on the whole). I would consider grabbing a billboard and roaring my outrage down the main roads of London. I needn't waste my energy - Jesus has got it.  

Why did the genetic code stopped evolving?