Fay (29 May 2016)
"The Show goes On"


Hi John and Doves,

The circus becomes increasingly bizarre. We seem to be going back in time to the period of side shows with bearded ladies, fatties that need to be cut out of their homes to get to hospital, and "Roll up, roll up..........come and see humans being be-headed". You get the gist. Just as the Americans have this whole circus act of gays, trannies and 'others' being piled on their lives, we Brits have the unique experience of a Shakespearean tragedy *sarcasm* being played out. Firstly, we have the whole  refugee stuff. They ply us with guilt re the refugee crisis - throwing in camera shots of crying children (very few children, I might add) telling us we are racist, hard hearted if we object to any further immigration.  THEN they ply us with horror stories about the refugees who have been let in !! Vagabonds lying around in beautiful parks ( beautiful because our taxes pay for it ) defecating in the shrubbery. Refugees raping young children in public swimming pools and attacking women in public places. It's a strange one to fathom. The government forces us to accept this humanitarian crisis - at the same time as painting the refugees as totally uneducated wild animals who can't keep their pants on. We are told we are racist and intolerant if we question the teachings of Islam yet we are bombarded with media shots and stories of Islam's extreme barbarity. Huh! the powers that be have no respect for our intellect. They really, really don't. We are being subjected to incredible confusion. Hard working people - who simply glimpse the news headlines - will decide on a pattern of thought. They don't have time to analyse or scrutinise. THIS is what the powers that be rely on. THIS is why the Bible believing Christians and thinkers are considered a damn nuisance. We dig too deep. They've tried labelling us as conspiracy theorists *snicker snicker* but this clearly hasn't worked. We have to stop being so frightened of this clod hopping crowd of evil. They are clumsy, ugly and destructive but they are also really rather stupid. People are waking up - in greater numbers.

We Brits have a FABULOUS cabaret going on at the moment. It's called "Brexit". The two main acts are Boris Johnson (who wants to be the next Prime Minister of Britain) and David Cameron (the incumbent) Both of them from the same party - Tories ( Conservatives) Boris is heading the 'OUT' campaign while Cameron feebly suggests we are better off within Europe. In the meantime, the Labour Party (American equivalent of Democrats) have had a hugely unpopular (and unelectable) leader placed as their top candidate. In his media shots, Corbyn looks unshaven and unkept. He's certainly no glossy Tony Blair. Therefore - the looming referendum is all about the Tory Party - leading up to the next UK election. Which will guarantee a Tory victory. Hey  - they are what it's all about at the moment. Media wise. It reminds me of how Hillary Clinton (against all the odds!!!!) is the Democrat candidate. Haha . And, of all people, Donald Trump is the Republican hopeful. Seriously???? We've come to the part in the circus show where all the clowns are loosed into the arena. Clowns are not really that funny !!

I believe the time has come for us to stop buying into the circus. It's time to get serious with God - focusing on the Rapture and judgement to come upon the earth.