Doug L (8 May 2016)
"America will not be great again"

America will not be great again. It cannot be great apart from the work of God.  At this time God works through His Body - The Church.  The Church has failed America. It has not risen up and become United in One Spirit with One Mind and One Purpose. It has not measured up to the full stature under it's Head which is Jesus Christ.  It has forsaken and quenched The Holy Spirit who has withdrawn His presence leaving The Church in AMERICA without power and without life. It is no more than a dead institution - an un-revivable corpse.
To those who are listening to what The Spirit is saying NOW to the churches - they will Hear - Come out and separate yourself from the unholy dead body - don't even touch or be defiled by it.  The Bride also says -come and NOW join me as I am making myself ready to meet my Lord who will come soon to take us away to be with Him.
The Church Age will end when all the Churches have been judged - and those who are The Bride - have obeyed and came out and made themselves ready to meet their Lord.