Bob Ware (29 May 2016)
"The Rapture Pyramid and October 2nd of 2016"

John, the 'Genesis 1:1 Pyramid' is literally the 'tip of the iceberg'. I expanded the 'Genesis 1:1 Pyramid' to the 107th row and then made connections with my previous discoveries.

Rapture Pyramid of 107 Rows with 5778 Stones


In chapter 23 of Del Washburn’s book “Theomatics II” he reveals that 107 is the highest prime number factor of the gematrias referring to the rapture. The 107th triangle number is 5778. The Jewish year 5778 begins at sunset on 9.20.2017 and ends at sunset on 9.9.2018.


I have created a symmetrical pyramid with 5778 stones. The upper 73 rows have 2701 stones. This is John’s ‘Genesis 1:1 Pyramid’. There are 34 rows forming the base below the ‘Genesis 1:1 Pyramid’. These 34 rows have a total of 3077 stones. The Jewish year 5777 begins at sunset on 10.2.2016. The Islamic year 1438 also begins at sunset on 10.2.2016. The sum of the three years: 5777, 1438 and 2016 is 9231. The exact average value of these three year numbers (9231 divided by 3) is 3077. This anomaly only holds true for the last 90 days of 2016. The first half of this 90 day range will be 11.16.2016. That will be 1335 days since Obama visited the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem on 3.22.2013. Here is a passage taken from : “Every year by ordinance from God and His word there is a Passover sacrifice in Israel to remember the Exodus. This tradition was lost in 70 AD when the Jews were dispersed from Jerusalem and their Temple demolished. Most don't know this, and can't imagine it to be so without a Temple, but the Sacrifices were OFFICIALLY REINSTATED in 2008. (Article w video) This year, 2013, the Passover Sacrifice was OFFICIALLY cancelled, due to Barack Obama´s visit to Israel. The order came from the Israeli Department of Health. That is all that had to happen. For a man, they stopped their Passover Sacrifices for this year. Here is the link to this story.

The 2017th stone of the ‘Genesis 1:1 Pyramid’ falls in the center position of the center row. The 2017th composite number is 2368 which is the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’. The last date around my ‘Circle of Time’ diagram is 5.11.2018. I used this date as the capstone for my ‘5778 Pyramid Rapture Pyramid’. From 1.1.2017 to 5.11.2018 is 496 inclusive days. 496 is the 31st triangle number and 496 is also the third perfect number. From this capstone point I assigned the dates in reverse order from the top down and from right to left. When I got to the first stone in the last row the date was 7.17.2002. This date would complete day 1 of the eighth anniversary of when the 21 comet pieces began striking Jupiter on 7.16.1994. The center date of this pyramid is 5.14.2014. That was the 66th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth on 5.14.1948.


In my diagram I have labeled key dates. I have marked the four blood moon eclipses with red dots. The yellow dots mark Rosh Hashanah dates. The five light orange dots mark key dates for Obama’s Presidency. He received the Nobel Peace Prize on 10.0.2009. He visited the Church of Nativity 1260 days later on 3.22.2013. I discovered that several of these dates were in straight alignments. I connected them with arrows. The upper 63 rows of this same pyramid have 2016 stones. Counting up from the bottom, 1.1.2016 fell at the end of row 66 and 12.31.2016 fell at the end of row 76. 2016 was the 76th and final Gregorian year that fell within the range of the seven sets of Jewish calendar cycles with only composite numbered years. 5776 equals 76 x 76.


On 12.26.2004 an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia killed approximately 250,000 people. A line drawn from this date to 10.2.2016 passes directly through the center date 5.14.2014.


These connecting lines for the key dates shown could possibly match the shafts in the Great Pyramid, or they may be mirroring the patterns of a heavenly constellation.


This Rosh Hashanah will be 1290 days since Obama visited the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem on 3.22.2013. I have listed below a series of anomalies connected to Rosh Hashanah 5777 (10.2.2016).


The sum of the last two chapter numbers of Malachi (3 and 4) plus all 260 chapter numbers of the New Testament (2361) equals the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’ (2368).


2 October 2016 is the 276th day of 2016 and the 385th day of 5776.


                        (3 x 276) + (4 x 385) = 2368.


276 + 385 equals 661 which is the 11th Star of David number.


            The gematria of Genesis 1:1 (2701) equals 37 (the 3rd Star of David number) x 73 (the 4th Star of David number).


                        From 661 to 2701 there are 2041 inclusive numbers.


2041 is the Greek gematria of ‘ANTICHRIST’.


The decimal number 661 equals the hexadecimal number 295 and the octal number 1225.


            The sum of the three decimal numbers 661, 295 and 1225 is 2181.


                        2181 + 5776 equals the 7957 verses in the New Testament.


2 October 2016 is the 6130th inclusive day since the Winter Solstice of the Jewish year 5760 (12.22.1999) when I began numbering the last days for the Body of Christ.


            6130 = 10 x 613. 613 is the 113th prime number.


                        There are 353 days in the Jewish year 5777.


353 + 5777 = 6130.


            The Greek gematria of ‘CHRIST’ is 1480.


                        1480 + (1480 x Pi) rounds off to 6130.


The UN will hold its 71st Session of the General Assembly from 9.13.2016 (exactly one year after Rosh Hashanah 5776) to 9.26.2016.


All of these anomalies combined strongly suggest that we watch October 2nd of 2016 and that we watch for a seven day warning on September 25th (or 26th) of 2016.


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