BG Ellis (29 May 2016)
"Does the Rare Jupiter & Moon conjunction in June point to the Rapture?"

IMPORTANT UPDATE!  In the video above, he puts a limit as to when the Rapture should take place and that is before Jupiter departs between the feet of Leo Constellation around June 13th& 14th.  However, in looking at my own astronomical software, Jupiter departs from between the feet of Leo around the first week of July.   In biblical astronomical terms: Jupiter represents Jesus / Groom and the Moon represents His Bride / Church.  The Jewish calendar shows that Pentecost takes place on June 12th CLICK HERE!
 However, in reviewing my astronomical software I discovered a very rare and awesome conjunction: Jupiter conjoins with the moon around midnight on the early hours of June 12th (Jerusalem Time).   WOW!  If the Rapture happens around this time it would fulfill the scripture: “In Matthew 25, the cry goes out at midnight that the Bridegroom is coming, after being delayed”.
So, we say, repent, fall on your knees, and acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ as His due, and ask for forgiveness and restoration. Jesus said that whosoever will call upon His Name shall be saved. Jesus will hear and will honor your cry.
Just do it! Time is almost up!
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