TH (11 May 2014)


                                  THE SAME OLD LIE

"Well if it worked before, why not try it again.  They fell for it once, they'll
probably go for it this time  around as well."  Who could be saying this?
"satan" you say?  Right on! !   It's him alright.  Okay then, what lie are we
talking about here?  The BIG one, you know the FIRST one.  The one that
STARTED all the trouble. " YE SHALL BECOME AS GODS "  and also
"YE SURELY WILL NOT DIE"  (or there about-depending on translation)
We've All heard the Garden of Eden story where satan lies to Adam and
Eve and they disobey GOD and give up their idyllic lives for some phoney
promises from the old liar himself.  Well it seems he's back at it and he's
using the same old lie he used on mankind the first time.  Now here's the
Scary part,  it seems to be taking hold.  People, and I means millions and
millions of them would be "on board" for a DNA upgrade that promises
better health, strength, senses, and longevity.  Heck, If I didn't know what
it's really all about, I'd be tempted myself.  Who wouldn't be? Our present
day culture is just itching for something like this to come along.  They've
been "programed" through the TV and the PCs that one has to only watch
either source for a little while and realize this "crap" is everyday info for
the younger crowd.  See which programs hold their interest and which ones
they talk about amongst themselves and you will soon discover what they
now consider to be the " norm".  And science (with satan's help) is getting
ready to give them what "he's" offering, AGAIN!  
       Why aren't the CHURCHES today aware of this and screaming at the
top of their lungs in truth?   Huh? Why? Are they afraid? All the more
reason to speak out against this trend.  Put the cards on the table and show
people the TRUTH.  There's plenty of substantiated archeology to prove
beyond a shadow of doubt that GENESIS 6 is FACT.  The "fallen angels"
were here and they are reappearing as aliens.  Also many books of recent
publication are available through various End Time Prophecy web sites that
make the case for the "Days of Noah" beginning to manifest right now!
       Does the Church not want to "Jar" it's congregations out of their "luke-
warm"  comfort zone?  Why are "super-natural" events of a HOLY nature
confined to History and not applicable in today's World?  Scripture tells us
that the ac is going to demonstrate super-natural abilities in order to fool
mankind into believing we were created by "alien" technology and that man
can now "upgrade" to be like him.  You don't want to like the ac? Okay then,
the World doesn't have any use for you so off to the extermination camps
with you for beheading.  Gaging the appearance of the ac by what's going on
in the World right now, is a viable yardstick for the RAPTURE because the
ac can't appear till the HOLY SPIRIT leaves (and takes us with HIM) The
BAD NEWS is, I believe, there are going to be a LOT FEWER people going
in the RAPTURE than many of us hope. I also believe that we can increase
our numbers by bringing out the TRUTH about what is REALLY going on
behind the scenes and what the gov. is covering up about"aliens" and their
real agenda and who is behind it.  IT IS satan!  Make no mistake about it.
He wants to keep as many people as he can from going to Heaven and he
has been conditioning mankind for his LIES since ROSWELL. If the CHURCH
doesn't speak up and at least compete with satan with the TRUTH, the
younger generation won't have a chance. Not a chance in HEAVEN !

                 MARANATHA !