Pastor Bob (25 May 2014)
"Aiding and Abetting the Adversary"

All Doves:

The Apostle Paul had appropriate words for those hungry for the Truth of God's Holy Word.

"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.  For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by good words and fair speech deceive the hearts of the simple."  -(Romans 16:17-18).

The Apostle John put it more succinctly in 1 John 4:1:  "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

The Intenet has given a platform for those that "aid and abet the adversary".  Over the past twenty-five years that I have surfed the Internet, I have witnessed a huge growth of wanta-bees, not only in the area of religious faith but in every conceivable subject.

Early on in pastoral ministry, I saw first hand the harm done to young couples by JW's and SDA's, that resulted in divorce, where a spouse got "taken in" by a "traveler".  In one case the young wife set fire to their mobile home burning it to the ground, simply because the husband wanted no part of what had flooded their home.  Rural home wives were vulnerable due to a lack of conversation, stuck at home with a baby or two, and thus open to traveling door to door witnessing JW's and SDA's.  Now, you have to deal with LDS's as well.

Today, just one slippery serpent tongue devil can do infinitely more harm to those ill-prepared to discern what is of God and what is of the adversary.

Let this post be a warning to you of what you watch at so-called prophecy forums lest you be "aiding and abetting the adversary".  You are exposing yourself to a whole range of heretical teachings and apostasy, or should I say a host of false spirits, peppered in among some worthy links and sources.

Attacking the Pre-Tribulation Rapture belief I sense is but the tip of the iceberg that runs deep.  If you will pardon my suspicion, ask yourself the question, Why would a blog site interested in Bible prophecy, interested in attacking the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, expose its viewers to heresies long-known to be out of the mainstream of Christian orthodoxy?  For example, they post old videos, some more than twenty-years old of people like Robert Van Kampen, Steve "Mark" Wohlberg, Gary Demar, Doug Batchelor, and others.  These are individuals holding aberrant beliefs from the Bible.  Then there is a more recent contemporary heretic, Jonathon Welton and self-proclaimed "seer" (is he a modern day prophet?).  Then there is another SDA cult site, "the Remnant of God".  So many of these sites they promote and hype are known as well as closet SDA's.

The individuals behind this sight have something else beside a hatred of dispensationalism, and the Pre-Trib. Rapture.  I say this because of what I am hearing intuitively.  Most or all of these coming on the scene since the middle of the twentieth century are known as "Dominionists" or "Kingdom-Now" theologians.  I'm not sure if any of you are aware of what they represent or believe, or what is behind their ministry.

Dominionism or Kingdom-now is an aberrant view of the Bible.  They believe that Christians ought not to be so passive, but rather, to stand up and "take" the world for Christ.  Some of the names in this camp include the now deceased, Dr. D.J. Kennedy, R.C. Sproul, Gary DeMar, David Chilton, Earl Paulk, and many others.  Jonathon Welton founder of the Welton Academy is another of the up and coming Dominionists found promoted on that prophecy forum site.  First of all, they are all Preterists (believing that all end time prophecies were fulfilled in the first century).  Jonathon Welton just might be another Jim Jones in my analysis, you know the guy who had everybody drink the Kool Aid.  Welton proudly calls himself a "Rogue" theologian.  I encourage you to read the dictionary for the meaning of "rogue".  He wears a "pagan" Gothic cross behind his ministry logo. 

The "Rogue" theologian in his videos uses the Hermetic (Masonic) expression "As above, so below".  Unless you are familiar or aware of the occult meanings of the secret societies, this means absolutely nothing to you. If you are an astute student of Freemasonry, you will recognize that statement, and that you know the Masons "hide their symbols and meanings in plain sight".  They do this to broadcast their identity to others of like philosophy; and they do it to boast of their deeds.  They are of the "Hidden Hand" camp, even the infamous Pat Robertson of 700 Club fame.  I would like you to Google "Hidden Hand" to see what is taking place.  Especially look at:

                        "The Hidden Hand That Shaped History"

At least one of the sites you come to will even have a picture of Pope Francis on a public transit trolley in Argentina.  The picture shows the former Jesuit prelate of Buenos Aires with this right hand tucked neatly inside the breast portion of his jacket sitting before a photographer.  This is a "Masonic" sign to fellow travelers.  Take a close look at all the pictures of famous men framed in this pose (right hand tucked inside their jacket or coat).

The three largest cults - the JW's, the Mormons (LDS), and the SDA's - were ALL founded by Freemasons and backed with Masonic money.  Is that a coincidence?  I don't think so.

Most of the names of those I identified earlier with the Dominion and Kingdom-now theological camp are known to be high ranking M-A-S-O-N-S.  I would bet this to be the case with the "Rogue" theologian, Jonathon Wilton.  He sports the trappings and signs and symbols in all of his activity with the sign of the King or King-related markings.

What I question in my mind, is this other prophecy forum a "Dominion" or "Kingdom-Now" web site.  Do they attack Dispensationalism and the Pre-Trib Rapture for Biblical reasons or perhaps because they are more Masonic in their philosophy.  Masons worship Lucifer, and that can be found in the 19th degree ritual of Freemasonry.  This explains why a Jew, a Muslim, or a Christan can all join the Blue Lodge (first 3 degrees).  Once you climb the ladder of initiation in either the York or Scottish Rite path, at the 19th degree they tell you who it is they worship. 

Let me offer another possibility about the other prophecy forum page site.  Could it be because they are Aiding and Abetting the Adversary?  

Consider the definition of "Aiding and Abetting":

The guilt of a person in a criminal case may be proved without evidence that he personally did every act involved in the commission of the crime charged.  The law recognizes that, ordinarily, anything a person can do for himself may also be accomplished through the direction of another person as an agent, or by acting together with, or by acting together with, or under the direction of, another person or persons in a joint effort.

So, if the acts or conduct of an agent, employee or other associate of the person are willfully directed or authorized by the person, or if the person aids and abets another person by willfully joining together with that person in the commission of a crime, then the law holds the person responsible for the conduct of that otther person just as though the person has engaged in such conduct himself.

When you think about it as I have been doing for some time, I keep asking myself for what reason would there be to show a count of hits or views of any post.  Does it matter at all or is this a numbers game indicative of "aiding and abetting the adversary", the nemesis of the Lord Christ Jesus!

Is this a genuine hate for Dispensationalism and Pre-Tribbers or is it something more like "Aiding and Abetting the Adversary"?

Anyway, Jesus spoke about being not deceived.  The Gospel writers state that like five or six times.  I close this by referring the reader back to Paul's words at the beginning of this post from Romans 16:17-18, as well as the words of the Apostle John in 1 John 4:1.  Remember, and do not forget this, there is a war on for your mind and your heart!  In the eyes of Lucifer, you are both the prize and the victim!

Pastor Bob