Pastor Bob (11 May 2014)


Hello again Gino:
After sending my reply, my memory was jogged.  Dr. Peter Stoner taught Math & Astronomy at Pasadena College.  The title of his book is "Science Speaks"
I located some notes of mine that the book has been posted on the Internet.  Just search Dr. Peter Stoner and his book "Science Speaks" and some wise soul posted the manuscript text.
No need to be apologetic. I guess I am a bit geeky also.   I had a copy of the book when I first began preaching back in 1965.  I had a gentleman that farmed and gave me his copy when I was in college.
When I retired a decade ago, I struggled with what I would do with my library.  Four years ago I donated my personal library to a Bible college.  I donated some 6,000 books, and kept only a few hundred that I treasure for their reliability and truth.
Pastor Bob