Mike Curtiss (11 May 2014)
"A Question For L. Lee, the Shavuot Timeline for Dummies"



       Brother Lee, your post on Shavuot was wonderful reading. Most of our Doves don't realize a mind blowing fact about the two competing calendars at work on paper and taking shape in the heavens. The rarest anointed time comes to us during 2014-2015, it's part of a bigger Shemittah Year Cycle. Only this year, our clendar is perfectly synchronized with both the solar 365 day Gregorian element and the pagan lunar 358-384 variable day time keeping. This type of connectedness has never happened before in recorded human history. Imagine the odds, perhaps one of our mathematical sages like Bob Ware, or John Ing can compute these odds. 
      Think with me, there are Jubilee cycles every 50 years. They repeat themselves every 49 years, so the seasons become synchronized appropriately with the weather. At the conclusion of these seven years, a sabbatical rest is called for the land and indentured slaves. The land is left fallow and the slaves are to be set free. Any debts are to be forgiven and all the debtors made whole before the Lord. Now, consider 7 X 7 Jubilee cycles coming every 49 years. A 50 year super Jubilee happens right on schedule. 
      This mind blowing Shemittah year is what we just started at Passover this year. These cycles only have a 1 in 490 time chance of occurring during each 490 year cycle. Are you beginning to get the picture of how rare and special the year 5774 is shaping up to be? Before you dismiss this as coincidence. Consider, each Shemittah year can theoretically take place during any of the ten to the 49th power possibilities. In scientific notation, we are talking about  1 X10 to the 49th. Written down we have one followed by 50 zeros. ( sound familiar, 50? )
      Do you think this is merely happenstance, or does it hold special significance for the church today? Consider, Israel's today back in the Holy Land after an absence of 2500 years. You can't even begin to calculate the odds against this occurring. This is what I consider to be the 'higher mathematics of God Himself' you call it what you will. 

Agape Love,

Michael Curtiss