Gina McCray (25 May 2014)

As linked below, the experts are now saying that Comet Linear may be a "METEOR STORM" (1000 or more per hour) with "BRIGHT" and" VERY SLOW MOVING METEORS" & "OUTSTANDINGLY BRIGHT FIREBALLS", due to the " LARGE PARTICLES IN THE COMET'S TRAIL. All these phenomena will be extra visible due to the low moonlight.

This sure sounds like what John may have related in Revelation:

"..and the STARS OF THE SKY FELL TO THE EARTH, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind." Revelation 6:13

If this is a meteor STORM with HUGE FIREBALLS falling to the actual EARTH (possibly even causing sonic booms) raining down all around, it would instantly cease being a stargazers delight & cause TERROR in all men, of "WHAT IS COMING ON THE WORLD", when the HEAVENLY BODIES ARE SHAKEN."

"..people will faint from TERROR, apprehensive of WHAT IS COMING ON THE WORLD, for the HEAVENLY BODIES WILL BE SHAKEN." Luke 21:26

".. the return of a periodic comet that may bring a SPECTACULAR "METEOR STORM" as well."

"the meteors are likely to BRIGHT and VERY SLOW MOVING.

"They'll be bright because computer simulations suggest the comet's trail of dust should be skewed toward relatively LARGE PARTICLES, possibly leading to some OUTSTANDINGLY BRIGHT FIREBALLS."

This is sure looking like the 6th Seal Rapture, as we draw close to Shavuot!!