Charles Holler (11 May 2014)
"Pastor Bob is a fresh breath"

Greeting John and Doves,
        Hi Pastor Bob. I apologize for not responding earlier as I can't wait to read your posts now. It started many months ago when you posted on the many ways to study The Word of God and then not to long ago when you exposed that other web site (that looks like the starting of a small cult) for it's dogmatic defense of the pre-wrath rapture, and how he continually builds straw men responses to not deal with the Truth. You showed fruit of the Spirit by not out right naming him.(he showed the opposite of coarse) I for one look forward to your studies. There is a reason God chose one of the most educated men of that time (Paul) to write most of the New Testament, (education matters) I truly believe we are in the Last Days and we ( the final generation) were warned several times to "be not deceived"
Luk_21:8 , 1Co_6:9, 1Co_15:33,  Gal_6:7 ,Tit_3:3 ,Mat_24:4 ,Mat_24:5 ,
Mat_24:11,Mat_24:24 ,Mar_13:5 ,Mar_13:6 , Rom_16:18,1Co_3:18,Eph_4:14, Eph_5:6,2Th_2:3 ,1Jn_3:7, ( and these searches don't include the derivatives: deceiving, deceives, deceiver, deception, etc...)
and the internet can be a great tool of The can also be a great tool of deception. When you get someone out the in cyber land who refuses to attach themselves to a body of believers so there is accountability
(Heb_10:25  Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.)
and add to it someone so full of Spiritual pride that they continuously find fault in big name ministers to make them selves feel superior, deception will grow in their own walk and those who listen to them. When I was going to call this individual on his continuous unforgiveness of the brethren (even one believer who asked him for forgiveness) his response to me was "...and don't give me that forgiveness speech...what about an eye for an eye." I knew then serious deception had crept in. Any way Pastor Bob...please continue posting your study techniques so we may rightly divide The Word.
Charles Holler Sr

ps I appreciate your knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek