Kimberly (9 May 2013)
"I'm Shocked!!!"

Dear John and Doves:

For the past few weeks I've seen so much antisemitism.  It's like the Nazi's are coming out of the woodwork.  Every time I see one of these postings, I'm left speechless and my blood pressure goes up.

In this link posted below, David J. Smith and Henry Ford are listed as reliable sources for determining who the Jews really are.  I skimmed through the article, but I didn't watch the video.  And for the record, I could care less what either one of them have to say.  I know what the Bible says and that's all I need to know. 

It's really sad that people will fall for this same old Jew hating, Hitler inspired rhetoric and we all know that Hitler was an antichrist.  They're even saying that Jesus wasn't really a Jew among other very untrue things, using a few obscure verses that have been absolutely misinterpreted.  In these postings, the Universalist, Unitarian, modernist view, is also rearing it's ugly head and I think we know who was raised up in that religion after his overseas studies.  These have compromised and allowed sin in the church have called it good and many of these believe there are many paths to heaven. 

You need only read Romans 11 to understand how God views Israel and to see that he does have a plan for them and that includes the descendants of Judah, otherwise known as the Jews.  There is prophecy after prophecy in the Old Testament that shows Gods plan for the Jews and the rest of Israel.

I really felt the need to post this and expose it.  Please pray about this.

Here is the link:

I feel sick!