WhodaThunk (29 May 2012)
"RE: Randy 777.68"

From: WhodaThunk
Randy, you said:

 I finally came up with this:  IF each of the 7's in the 777 represented ONE year, then, maybe, the .68 was a part of a year.  (Remember, in the book of Daniel, he came up with the 490 years or 70 times 7....each year representing 7.  Thus, in this case, each 7 represented 1 year.)  

So I came up with an old high school relationship equation:  .68 is to .70 as X is to 365 days of the year.  Solve for X and you get 355.  OK Randy.....so what now?

I don't understand the .68 is to .70 thing.  If we go by solar years and take 3 years (365x3=1095), and add the .68 of a year (.68x365=248) we get 1095+248=1343.  When added to 09/29/2008 we come to June 3, 2012.  (I don't think this means anything because God never used 365day years in scripture through His prophets)

But, since all is done in prophecy years,  lunar, 360, it looks like this (360x3=1080)+(.68x360=244)=1324.  When added to 09/29/2008 we come to May 15th 2012.  Obviously the rapture has not happened yet, so that can't be it.

If you start your partial year from Nissan 1 / April 2, 2009 then you come to December 9, 2009, then add three 360 day years (1080) you come to November 23, 2012.  (I have huge doubts on this date)

I do think that the event where the 777.68 may mean something ... what it means is not clear yet.