Steve Mullin (15 May 2012)
"My Case for Pentecost"

Ok, so I've been thinking about this issue and Pentecost seems to be a very logical time for the rapture of
the church, and I will explain why I believe it. I've come to the conclusion that there will be more than
one rapture for multiple reasons. I tried to explain these reasons on, but got
warned with the threat of account cancellation, despite the fact that I based what I believe on a very
strong scriptural foundation. Their stance is that there is one rapture and everyone will go, and any
opposition to that view is not acceptable.
I believe there will be two raptures because two people in scripture were raptured--Enoch and Elijah.
God has dealt with two groups throughout scripture consistently--the Jews and the Gentiles. Enoch
represents the Gentiles and Elijah represents the Jews. The story of Ruth and Boaz initiates at Pentecost.
Ruth is obviously comparable to the Gentiles being grafted in because she is not Jewish. Boaz was/is the
kinsman redeemer as Jesus is. Marilyn Agee has made a strong case for two raptures and I have to
agree that her stance is very well scripturally-supported. When one considers the 7 major feasts that
God has ordained as holy convocations, the number "7" stands out. It's been stated that the 1st "group"
of people who will be delivered from slavery and enter the promised land have completed the initial
fulfillment of the 7 feasts. Pentecost, in my opinion would be the perfect fulfillment of the first rapture
into heaven because it is the middle feast of the 7 and the raised candle on the Menorah.
Again, in my opinion, there is a rapture in Spring because of the Song of Solomon and another in the
Fall because of the Feast of Trumpets. The Feast of Trumpets is specifically known by Jews as "the
feast that no one knows the day or hour". When Jesus says it, He is referring to the fact that only the
Father knows when He will give the command to go retrieve His bride--an idiom. Additionally, the
church was born on Pentecost and it would make sense that its conclusion would be on Pentecost.
When Jesus performed the miracle at the wedding by turning water into wine, I don't think it's an
accident that He filled "Six" jugs, comparable to 6,000 years. He said he wouldn't drink of the vine
again until it was His day. Another comparison from scripture in my opinion is Jacob's (Israel's) pursuit
of His wife. His initial love was Rachel but Laban gave him Leah after 7 years of labor. He then worked
another 7 years for Rachel. It's looking like it was to the Jew first as Jesus exclaimed, then to the Gentile.
Jew-Gentile-Gentile-Jew. The Gentile period being the age of grace. Lazarus being dead for "4 days"
is equivalent to the 2k years for the Jews and the 2k years of the Gentiles before God returns in the
last days to deal with the final week of years, the Time of Jacob's Trouble. Though I'm not exactly sure
how Joseph's dream of the 2 7-year periods regarding surplus and then famine figures in, it seems like
it "fits" the whole picture. My guess is that the past 7 years have been relatively abundant compared to
the last 7 years that the inhabitants of the world will face. Another reason that Pentecost could be the
rapture of the church is that "Pentecost" is 50 days after Passover. The number 50 is very important to
the Jews because it is the Jubilee, the time when debts are forgiven and slaves are set free, an obvious
reference to the rapture.
I believe the Church or Gentiles will be raptured first, then the Jewish group will fulfill the final 3 feasts
of scripture.
Appreciate any comments about my views. We are all searching for the truth. Hope we all get out of
here soon!
Steve Mullin