Robert Rose (17 May 2012)
"May 20 Rapture, even New Agers are talking about it...."

Beware of this website cuz there is no censoring, but those of you that want to know why they "New Agers" believe May 20, 2012 will be the "acension"...check it out.
Here is a quote from the Author of this post, who also provides an interesting link:
"Those who are part of the "first wave" of ascension candidates are now openly speaking on how they have been informed by their higher selves that their personal ascension is imminent! Starting May 20 they will begin to ascend thru personal portals to the 5th dimension. This will continue until dec 21 2012 when ALL of humanity will ascend to the 4th dimension (and others to the 5th). The first wavers are going first to prepare the new Earth for everyone's arrival. The soulless psychopaths of this planet will remain in a hell on earth type scenario to face terrible earth changes. Everyone else will either go to a 4D earth or 5D earth depending on their soul progress.

If you see your neighbors suddenly disappear you know why....this is it folks!"