Robert Belanger (17 May 2012)
"The Two-Phase Rapture"

Hi Friends,

There are in the Church today believers in either the pre-tribulational rapture or the mid-tribulational rapture. This subject seems to divide the Church into two seemingly mutually exclusive groups. Each of these positions is supported by Scriptures. Since the Bible is truthful, what can be the explanation?


A possible explanation for the conflict is that they are both right, or at least partially! There

is one position that reconciles both positions and that embraces the Scriptures on both sides. That is the "phased rapture" position, sometimes called "split" or "partial" rapture, or also the First Fruits and Main Harvest raptures. This double event may be why some see one and some see the other, but neither sees both.


 I have found the arguments for this position to be persuasive, and I am not alone. As I have mentioned in other messages here, and from my research beyond the book The Open Door by Lyn Mize, the phased rapture position represents the understanding of spiritual giants of the past such as the highly respected J. Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission; Dr. A. B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance; John Wilkinson, founder of the Mildmay Mission to the Jews; and Joseph A. Seiss, described as one of the greatest prophecy scholars who ever lived.


The websites given below provide a plethora of Bible references to support the phased rapture position by showing that the rapture occurs both before and during the tribulation. By taking the rapture as pre-tribulation or mid-tribulation alone, some Biblical verses will need to be ignored or shown to be erroneous. Adoption of the phased rapture, eliminates this problem at once.


James Hudson Taylor held that the Bible taught a First-fruit rapture." W. Nee says, among those who believe that a minority will be raptured before the tribulation and the majority will go through the tribulation before being raptured are: Hudson Taylor, R. C. Chapman, R. Govett, G. H. Pember, D. M. Panton ... and others.


Dr. Joseph A. Seiss pastored the Church of the Holy Communion in Philadelphia, Pa, in the mid to late 1800's. The opinion that there is to be a duality in the translation of the saints (as also in the resurrection of them that sleep in Christ) seems to me to have strong supports in the Scriptures.