Randy (24 May 2012)
"IF the Rapture is this Rosh Hashanah, what can we expect in next 4 months, and this fall?"

Just speculating now......
If the Rapture is Rosh Hashanah, 2012.....mid September...
What may happen before then?
1) Israel attacks Iran
2) Iran retaliation in the Middle East and in the US  (I worry about wildfires everywhere!  Or worse.....  50 Iranians with guns....could walk into 50 places..... ANYWHERE...start firing.....and make life in the US change in a HEARTBEAT!!)
3) Continued discussion about Obama's eligibility STILL getting press. Now, Arizona might not have him on the ballot?
4) Continued economic Brinksmanship in Europe.  Drop Greece?  What then???  What is the impact?  And what about Spain now?  Then Italy......even France?  etc, etc..
5) US Debt Crisis will resurface as well... Geitner has made recent comments "that congress MUST do SOMETHING to keep this problem from becoming a panic.."  or something like that.
What happens after mid September....AFTER the Rapture......for the rest of the year?
1)  Martial Law - after the Rapture
2) First...... well, there would NOT need to be an election in November then, right?  Thus, the whole birther thing would be set aside....... because of course they would impose Martial Law, to calm teh chaos after the Rapture
3) Total Financial Meltdown around the world.....US, Europe, the whole world...due to the Rapture.
Beyond that then...... hey, I'll be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God......  it won't be MY problem at that point!!
BTW, the purpose of the Tribulation?  
1) For God to bring the Jews to know their Messiah, who they missed the first time
2) To judge and punish the unbelieving world that is left behind.
The Believing Christians are protected from all of this, by the Pre-Trib Rapture.