Randy (22 May 2012)
"Israel has gone SILENT on Iran, and the intent to attack!  Article"

From Rapture Ready..
One of the things I like best about these guys at Rapture Ready is that they pretty much ARGEE with ME on EVERYTHING!!  (lol) ....  I'd been thinking Israel has gone quiet about Iran.....and this week they wrote about that themselves.   And, they believe, as I do, that "all the dominoes are all lined up"  and just waiting for the Rapture to knock everything down......especially the world-wide economic mess.
Anyway.....good article....they do 2 topics every Monday..there is an archive going way back for this Monday commentary.
PS....I've NEVER been more hopeful about the Rapture........the next 4 months should be very interesting.  While I'd like to HOPE for a Pentecost Rapture, I sitll think it could be Rosh Hashanah, mid September, 2012.  So, buckle your seats....in the next 4 months, I expect Israel WILL strike Iran...and what happens after that is anybody's guess.
But, this article from Rapture Ready says:
Hezbollah's deputy leader Sheikh Naim Qassem told Reuters in February that an Israeli attack on Iran would set the whole Middle East ablaze "with no limit to the fires.... Gone are the days when Israel decides to strike, and the people are silent."
Another possible reason for the long delay is what Israel may need to use to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities. Israel may have to use low-yield atomic bombs to put Iran's nuclear program out of action. The use of such weapons would generate huge outrage from liberals.
If an attack should happen, the whole prophetic landscape will instantly change. In the future, when we look back at how end-time events played out, we may see this air strike as the point where prophetic events kicked into high gear.
Let's hope this event WILL trigger all that we have been longing for!!